Sunday, October 5, 2008

Student Update

Although we have 3 sets of classes per week most of our students follow the progress of everyone else. They can't help but see the work that's being done in the classes even if they are not attending them. Because of this almost everyone knows each others names and projects even if they haven't actually met in person.

Because of this I think this posting should be made to inform everyone of two tragic events that have unfolded. First we learned that Gerald was injured at work and was suffering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns around his arms, chest and face. Although his injuries are indeed serious, he is in great spirits and we were lucky enough to see him recently. We're pleased to report that although he's a bit banged up and sore, he looks great and his recovery is progressing smoothly albeit slowly. We miss you Gerald and hope to see you back in classes soon.

And if that weren't enough we also got word that although Barbara survived Hurricane Gustav, just a few hours later she lost her house to a fire. Luckily both she and her husband were not home and both of them are safe.

Our prayers go out to both Gerald and Barbara as well as their families.

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