Monday, February 28, 2011

What's Behind The Duck?

It was a quiet week this time around- Jane's been busy helping out her sister (it's tax time), Janice and Grace are still MIA because of Janice's knee surgery, Cheryl is looking for that perfect pattern, Paul and Ray were on their way but got a flat tire and then discovered the spare was airless as well. And lastly we had Anita facing some big issues that had her missing this week as well.

But Patty was able to make it in and immediately completed her variation of our standard cross design. The brown glass gives this cross a wood-like effect and I think that the lack of overall symmetry really makes this look really good. I must say that I love the design and wish I had knocked out the first one myself!

So after Patty wrapped up that project she decided to set upon making an address window for her house. Since she really liked Roxie's design all she had to do was change the numbers (letters?) and she was on her way. She's taken her 2 and her 6 and her 0 home with her to wrap which means that next week she'll have these tacked and ready to be cut into the background glass.

Terry designed this stylized Fleur De Lis while she was at home and she's just about ready to get it cut into her background glass. A lot of people are saying that this reminds them of a Coat of Arms and I have to agree that I see what they are talking about. This is a very unique design and it's already turning a lot of heads.

Remember Patty's 260 window? Well this is the window that Roxie is making that inspired Patty to make hers. Roxie has the front all soldered now so without a doubt we'll see this one completed next week. Look! Does anyone else see the heart in her 5?

Myrt is really moving quickly on this window. She has a deadline to get it completed by and I'd say that she's going to get it done on time. About 40% of this is now ground and if Myrt keeps up this pace we'll be seeing this completed before you know it.

Julie has started cutting her glass for her quilt window and used the "Magic Tool" pretty extensively throughout the night. "Magic Tool," you ask? Its technical name is a pistol grip cutter. She's been using it along with a straight edge to get precision lines in these (mostly) straight cut panels.

And Fran's Duck window has a new behind! Maybe I should reword that. Frans Duck window has a new background! Now that the ducks are completed we've redrawn the back so that nothing else detracts from the centerpiece of this window. There are less lead lines in the sky and the leaves have been lowered to give these 2 birds the center stage all to themselves.

We'll have more completed projects next week and some more students as well. Roxie is going to have her window finished and Jane has a birdhouse or two that she wants to see hanging in her yard. But the biggest news is the fact that Janice is literally back on her feet and feeling as though she can make it through a class. That means we'll being seeing Janice and Grace again. It will be just like old times. :-)

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