Monday, May 18, 2020


With classes about to begin in a limited fashion, I figure that it's time I take all of the pictures that our students have texted me and make a blog post out of them.  This will be a bit different from our normal postings but it will show you what  our students have accomplished on their own during their period of isolation.

Susan D's Ali The Dog Window was completed and her work is stunning,  Everything fits together wonderfully and look at some of those deep cuts (especially around the paws).  Beautiful work indeed.  Woof!

Jeanne M got her Easter Window done in time to hang up for the holiday and her choice of border color is the perfect color for a pastel themed window.  Since she posted this on Facebook I've seen the Rabbit turn up in various projects on the stained glass pattern page.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!  That said, I can't wait to see what she tackles next.


Tracey's Mother Mary Window is far bigger than you might think when you first look at the picture.  Measuring 3 foot tall this window is huge!   Also since she made this as a commissioned piece I guess it's safe to say Tracey has hit the big times now.  What's not to love about this? 


Cindy S put the finishing touches on her pair of Rooster Windows, the only difference between them being the glass that she used for the background.  Which one is prettier?  Neither-- they are both exquisite!

Lisa is our newest student and sadly enough this isolation hit just as she completed her first window with us.  Never fear though because what she learned in her first 5 weeks obviously stuck with her because, as you can see, she's been making wonderful projects on her own at home.  Here we see her  Humming Bird, Pinwheel, and a wonderful Abstract Panel that's perfect for using up odd pieces of glass.  And do you know what?   These are just the first three items of many more to follow later on in this post.

Carol made this Rainbow Hear Suncatcher and look at how beautifully every line curves and flows.  Even the rounded solder bead on the outside edge is perfection due to the perfect amount of solder running all along it. 

MiMi created this incredibly cute Bird suncatcher and I may be wrong but I do believe that she might have made a gaggle of them-- or at bare minimum a flock of them.  Would you look at that perfect soldering!


Lisa also made a a Cat suncatcher, a stained glass Mobile, and a Coffee Cup panel.  I love how she's incorporated wood into her glass work.  I've always believed that it's a winning combination.

Shelley, like Lisa,  came into class just in time to have classes get cancelled due to Covid-19 but she did manage to make this hanging Butterfly on her own while in lock down.  I love that color combination.


Susan D also knocked out a few Nightlights and did some repair work on a Hummingbird Lawn Ornament as well.  Her wire work is, as you can see below,  exceptional!


Belinda's Woman In A Bathtub is yet another window whose size can be misleading, especially since it's been made a few times in it's 'standard' 18 x 16 proportions.  This one is about double that size and looking fantastic.   Distinctly blue without being overpoweringly so, this is a winner for sure. 

Cindy has practically had two irons in the fire as she's been working on this large Sunset (Sunrise?) Window.  I have to say that I love the pattern and on her own Cindy is achieving incredible work. this is going to be stunning.


It's been far too long since we mentioned Lisa so let's get back to her work.   Here is her prayer warrior army of Angels!  there looks to be about eleven of them to me, along with a triangular piece that is exceptionally triangular.   That may sound odd but geometric shapes can be tricky (if you're not Lisa!)

And we end this post by taking a look at a portion of Susan D's back yard.  Her pair of LARGE stained glass Flower Trellises may bookend her cross collection, but to me they are the centerpieces!  These are SO time consuming and incredibly difficult to make but Susan did them all on her own at her house because transporting them would have been nearly impossible.  And the work, well, I think the picture speaks for itself but I still have to say that this is truly a tour de force!

Now,  I hope I've credited all the people to their projects correctly.   Since I've checked and double checked I will probably discover that I've screwed up somewhere along the line and missed something.   That's just par for my course!

Classes are beginning again tomorrow in somewhat limited capacity but you can expect another blog post next week.  We are back!

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