Monday, November 21, 2022

I'm Pessimistic In An Optimistic Way

Well now, Melissa's iridized Birdhouse is a sight to see and when it catches the light just right it honestly glows and shimmers which is why I've posted two pictures of it.   Translucent iridized glass is always stunning when lit from the front but this birdhouse manages to capture light and bounce it around inside of the 3D structure in a wonderfully colorful way! 


This week we watched  Annette finish her Tranquil Nature Scene just as I expected she would.  I know this came out of nowhere but I just couldn't  remember to take a picture of it while it was under construction.   The end result is beautiful though and I'm really proud of her work-- you can easily see why!
Cindy's Candy Canes In A Bow is actually a large suncatcher and since it's oval she had to use the 'tap tap' method to put lead around the edges of this stunning Christmas decoration.  She did it beautifully though and the end result is perfection.

Annette has got a thing for the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and therefore it's no surprise that  she wanted to make a Grinch Hand.   Before class was finished she manged to walk out the door with this finished piece as well as her Nature Scene window.

Angie completed her third Cross/Heart Panel with plenty of time to spare.   That's three gifts that she's now completed for the holiday season leaving her with time to spare.

With the time Angie spared in this one class she also managed to make this Grinch Hand before calling it a day.  These are not only quick and easy-- they're charming and cute as well!
Ann finished another Modern Cross which means that she's producing these at a one to one ratio as compared to her class time.  She stretches each Cross across two classes but then gets a huge portion of the work done on her next cross which she inevitably completes the following week. Perfection!

Martha says that 'there's no place like home' or at least that's what her window suggests.   Her Ruby Slippers are almost completely assembled and all that's left to do is cut out her background glass.  After that she can solder this gorgeous piece.  

Susan R has begun a Reindeer Lawn Ornament and it has already taken form.   Students tend to complain about their cutting when they look at their progress at the end of class and can't easily see what the finished result is supposed to look like.  Alas, that's generally the case and no cause for alarm.  Susan's Reindeer, however,  is the exception because there's no doubt what this is.

Susan D's Trio of Sunflowers Window is quite the head turner.   I learned long ago that there is a 'pieces to size' ratio which determines how impressive a window is.  If you only have a few large pieces in a large window the 'ratio' is off and it looks amateurish.  In this particular case Susan's pieces are small and plentiful enough to make this a darned impressive window.

Susan D is also hard at work on another Miniature Grinch Hand, a Silverware Dragonfly and two small Boxes.   The woman never stops!
Linda L is making a slew of Santa Faces.  Or is it a gaggle of Santa faces?   Let's just say that she has six Santa's all cut out and in the process of being ground.  She's moving quickly on these small ornaments and I know that they'll easily be completed in time for Christmas.

Shelley's Mermaid is already all cut and ground leaving her with just some foiling and soldering left to go.   Shelley may have missed out on classes over the past couple of months but her speed and accuracy are still formidable.
Sheri's working steadily on her Oval Humming Bird Window.   She's looking for an interesting cabochon to incorporate into this but so far no luck.  But who knows what will happen by the time she comes back to class...

Shawn has her Hera Flag Window almost ready for solder and I can see her easily beginning that when she next returns to class.  I have to say that her use of purple baroque glass  (which is no longer being made) is a perfect compliment to this colorful window.

Let is working on her own Oval Humming Bird Window and had a piece of green glass that broke twice.  Rather than buying more glass she adjusted the background to make up the difference where the break occurred and there's no way you can tell that this wasn't what the original pattern called for.    I like the way Let is thinking and working.
Cindy's Cajun Bowl Logo Window is all cut out and it's even ground.  She's currently in the process of wrapping all of her pieces but that won't take Cindy long which means that we will soon see what she has planned for the borders of this unique black and white window.
MiMi's got her first Geometric Window almost completely cut and ground.  Well, there are a few small cuts to make to incorporate some round accent pieces which she'll do when she returns but they won't take long at all.  Then there are a few fill in pieces around the edges but she won't cut them until this is all tacked together to make both cutting and fitting them into place easier and more precise.

Roxane got all of her pieces wrapped for the third panel in her large Nativity Scene.   Once she tacks this together she'll fill in the background glass and start joining all three  panels together to form one large scene.

Mary Grace has her second Peacock Window completely soldered which means that she'll get a channel attached to this and then wash and color it so she can take it home and hang it.  Expect to see this amongst our completed windows in our next post.

As I said earlier, Ann finishes one Cross during class and then begins the next.   This one only needs two pieces of glass to be ground and then she'll be able to solder this which we know she can accomplish in the blink of an eye.

And there you have it.  Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, we'll return in two weeks because there will be no classes during the Thanksgiving week.

Gooble Gooble!


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