Monday, July 31, 2023

How About Four Inches Twice And A Brick

Barbara worked on her Rooster Window long and hard which resulted in this extraordinarily colorful and complex window.   It's a beautiful piece that she took her time on without ever selling herself short by saying, "That's close enough".  Attention to detail always pays off in the end.   Cock-a-doodle-do!

Lisa's Sunflower Window is another example of someone who wasn't intimidated by the number of small pieces and the intricacy  of the pattern.  This lovely Sunflower was obviously something she really wanted to do because she got through it in record time all the while following the lines that the pattern dictated perfectly.

Traditional windows like this Fruit Bowl are a staple in the stained glass domain.   Linda F used a less common color scheme and ended up with an absolutely gorgeous window.  I can't find any flaws here and her soldering was spot on!  And yes, I love the overall teal theme with a hint of amber.

Sheri's Pelican is actually a really large suncatcher.  Since she didn't want to turn this into a window we fixed the stability issue by by adding a circle of glass behind the bird which keeps the neck and the wings from flexing loose since they are basically hinge points.   I must say that the end result is rock solid and perfection.
Let's Cross design had done more than turn heads-- it's begun a new Cross Craze!  Students wanted the pattern before this was even completed and now that it is complete everyone is going to be trying to make theirs just as beautifully as Let made hers.

Shelley's Butterfly Suncatcher was started in class and finished at her home just in time for it to be displayed at her friend Marianna's Memorial Service.   This is truly a moving tribute to the life of someone that Shelley admired ever so much and will miss forever.


Cindy had a mission and even though her window has just been begun I can say that her mission has already been accomplished.  She wanted to be able to take a picture and turn it into a stained glass pattern and that's exactly what she did using the instructions I'd given her on resizing and then printing out an image using her computer.  Her Alligator pattern is wonderful and as a window it's even going to be even much more so!  


Ann is leaving crosses behind (for now) and has moved along to this Angel carrying a heart in her hand.   Don't let the picture fool you though because this is a small pattern with a LOT of tiny pieces in which Ann will have no problem with.

MiMi has two large Suncatchers under way and has made mucho progress on both of them.  As nice as the owl is I feel that the colors that MiMi picked for her Unicorn are MARVELOUS!  It reminds me of bubble gum and ice cream all at once!
Let has a new Cardinal Pattern in the works here and like Ann's Angel this is no where near as big as you might think when you first look at it.  The pattern itself fits on a standard piece of paper which means that the entire cardinal scene is less than 8.5 inches in diameter and that translates into a lot of tiny pieces!
Our Tiger Eye LSU pattern is certainly getting a run for its money as Angie has begun her own version of it.   The pattern itself may be the same as it ever was but it's the choice of colors that makes windows look so different from one another.  I love when someone decides that they want to do something distinctive and Angie is doing just that in the best possible way.

Never let it be said that Judy doesn't accomplish a ton of work in her three hours of class time.  She's got a veritable Vegetable Garden going on here in the span of just two brief weeks.  There's just a few pieces of background glass left to cut out and then she'll be able to move on over to the grinder.   Don't you love her carrots?
Sheri also worked on her Stained Glass Sign and her background is quickly nearing completion.  That means that letters will be coming up next which will be cut from black glass.  They have been written out in script rather than print so the grinding process will be essential to the neatness of the text.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Bee found a perfect piece of glass for her Hibiscus Flower's pistil in a heavily textured piece of yellow glass that perfectly matches the colors that she's already used for the petals and the leaves.   Did you know that the hibiscus has both male and female reproductive parts?  Neither did I until I looked up the word 'pistil'-  and now you do as well! 

I called this a Solar System last week but now that it's nearing completion I can see that I was completely wrong!   This week Steve got his copper pipe framework constructed and soldered together after which he laid out the pieces of glass that he'd already cut and then added glass globs to the mix.  Once that was done it was c;early evident that these aren't planets, they're actually colorful flowers!  This is really going to be something else when it's completed.

Lara's latest Bracketed Flowers Panel is all cut, ground and ready for foil!  I love both the design and her choice of colors equally.  I just wish I could already see it hanging with some light behind it but that anticipation is what will bring us all back next week!
And Lisa's already got her next project all cut out and mostly ground.  Her Bumblebee and Honeycomb Suncatcher will be completed before you can say 'Bzzzzzzzzzzz'!

With the first of two borders attached, and his fill in pieces all filled in, Kerry will soon cut the pieces for the final border of his Cabin In The Bayou Window.  He's going to finish it all off with a dark brown glass to make it look like a frame and everyone agreed that was the best choice for this particular color scheme.  The end is near.

Flower Angels and Angel Tulips are what Suzy D has been working on and these five delightful Ornaments will soon learn exactly how they will be oriented for display purposes when she next returns.  I think that perhaps the flowers out number the tulips three to two.
Susan R is working on her last reindeer Lawn Ornament and this one will be Rudolph so expect a red nose to show up when you see this again.  I hate to say it but Christmas is actually closer than you think!
Everybody loves Cardinals and Linda F is no exception as she's begun cutting out one of the cardinal patterns that  requires wire work to finish it off.  She has the red already cut out which means that it won't belong now.

Lastly, June took off with her window before I managed to snap a picture of it but it was very close to being completely wrapped in copper foil.  I'll bet that when we see it next a border will be cut, ground and even possibly attached to her Sailboat Window.
And that's the way the croissant crumbled this week.

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