Monday, August 14, 2023

Which Begs The Question

Martha's Iris Humming Bird is all about purples and greens accented with a touch of yellow/orange that sets everything off perfectly.  It's a popular pattern and Martha's rendition of it will certainly bring it back into the limelight once again.  Oh, and she says that she'll be making another one in the near future...

Let's Circular Cardinal is only eight inches wide put it sure packs a lot of detail into that crampt little space.  People often believe that smaller is easier but nothing could be further from the truth.  Let may made this look easy because of her dedication and devotion to her projects.
Our first Halloween piece of the year has officially been completed by Lisa.   This corner Spider Web decoration is made of many, many different clear textures and is a great way to get rid of some of that scrap glass that's just a tad too big to throw away yet a tad too small to use in most projects.   She also plans to accent this piece with a dangling spider that she's found in a store.
Cheryl had a beveled Fleur De Lis and decided to make a window out of it.  The biggest lesson that she learned here is that a beveled window doesn't require a pattern to create.  You just tack together the bevel, set it on a piece of glass a little shorter than the size you want the finished window to be, center and trace the bevel, and then cut the background.  Once it all fits together you add a border and viola!  You have a window just like the one you see below!
Next up we see this week's second Cardinal but this one is a Suncatcher that Linda F made which features some wire work to set it all off.  It's only 8 pieces along with a bit of bent wire but it proves that less can be more and that big things CAN come in small packages.
Helen knocks out Cross Suncatchers as fast as Ann does!  This is her latest cross which features a single two inch bevel in the center of some raindrop glass.

Betty is back in action and well under way on her new Octagon Iris Window.  There's even a Dragonfly in it which poses as a sort of accent piece to provide a burst of color.  Unless, of course, Betty wants it to be a demure hint of unassuming color.   I suspect that we'll learn what direction she plans to do upon her return next week.

Candy Corn patterns are simple yet highly effective due to their inherent colorful nature.  Linda L jumbled five of them about and tacked them together inside of a clear background leaving her with our second Halloween themed piece this week which I'm certain will be completed when she comes back in.
No, you're not experiencing dyslexia-- this is just the back side  of Helen's latest LSU Window.  She got the center completely cut and ground while at home and then brought it in so she could tack it together and then get a nice bright yellow border attached to it as well as some channel.  The end is inevitably near.
Shelley came in not knowing what she was going to do and then it dawned on her that she was supposed to make a Pot Leaf for someone.   She was just going to make a stand alone suncatcher but mounting it inside of a hoop made it far more sturdy and easier to hang.   She's taken it home to wrap and knowing Shelley she might even finish this at home if mounting it inside the hoop doesn't intimidate her.

Lisa has streamlined the Cardinal Pattern that she drew up two weeks ago and made it smaller and 'more accessible'. She still plans on making the original design but this smaller one will be the one she does first.  If you look closely you can see that she's already cut out her background pieces and that they've been cut from a beautiful piece of fractures and streamers glass.  And we all know that you just can't lose when you use that stuff.
Kerry is so close to finish soldering the back side of his Bayou Cabin Scene that we could very well see it completed upon his return.  There's just the actual cottage itself  and then the irises left to solder and then we only need to knock out and replace one small piece that was tacked in sideways.   As Rosanne Rosanna Danna used to say, "It just goes to show ya, it's always something.  If it's not one thing it's another..."

Cindy has redone two of the leaves in the Alligator Window that she drew herself and is now ready to wrap this and tack it together so she can get her background glass cut for it.   That part should go very quickly since the cuts are all very basic.  She had originally planned on using white for the teeth but it was just so bright against the green that she decided to use and off-white for a more natural 'gator look.
Judy's Vegetable Window is getting me hungry!!  She's only got the leaves left to wrap and then, much like Cindy, she'll get her background cut out quickly and efficiently.   I must say that her work on this is top notch.

With her Tiger Eyes all tacked together Angie will now begin working on the LSU portion of her window.  When the letters are tacked together a border will joint the two sections to form one large window.   Angie plans on altering the pattern ever so slightly by placing the LSU above the Tiger Eyes which is a nice simple alteration.
Sheri has been busily grinding away at the letters that make up her business Card Window.  It's a slow and tedious process but slow and steady win the race.  Once the letters are tacked together she'll match the background to the letters for a perfectly legible window.
Let's latest Beveled Cross looks as though it would sit along side of Sheri's Business Card Window perfectly due to the matching color schemes.  Let already has all of her pieces cut so I know that she'll begin grinding this while at home throughout the week.  Who knows what we'll see her working on when she comes in because it's always a wonderful surprise!

You're still here??  It's over.  Go home.  Go.

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