Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three Eyes, 2 Tigers

Camille has completed his first project and there's no doubt that this window will go over big to anyone he shows it to. His work is excellent and the window is instantly recognizable. This is actually an odd window to work on because after awhile all you see are oddly shaped blobs until it's all soldered and cleaned up-- That's when you finally see the closeup of the tiger's face. Camille might be working on a butterfly next. We'll see what happens next week.

Here's the third Tiger eye we talked about in the title of this week's blog. Grace is all set to solder her window after getting her background and border tacked together. This window has fit together perfectly from start to finish and I suspect we will see it finished VERY soon (perhaps as soon as next week?)

Meanwhile Janice ground all of the center piece for her first window and then took it home to wrap. I can't tell you all the great comments these windows get and I received one again today about the Janice's perfect choice of pattern and colors.

Jane has 3 of the 7 sections of her lamp tacked together. She's working a lot on this one while she's at home and I'll bet anything that she comes in next week with all 7 sections ready to be joined. She still hasn't decided on what color to do the accent pieces so there are still 21 pieces to cut but that's child's play for someone like Jane.

Julie came in with an idea and when before she left she had a pattern drawn out. She got as far as tracing it out and will begin cutting this one out next week.

That's it for this entry. We'll be seeing Lea return to class shortly-- I can't wait to see what all is in store for us next week.

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