Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Commonality Of Irises

We're finally getting back to seeing finished projects each week after our holiday break. Grace made short work of her Tiger Eye/Fleur De Lis window and plans on making a second one. The first time you do any project it tends to go a bit slower than the second one will so I can't wait to see how quickly she moves on her next one. I don't think that it's possible to come out any better than this one did though-- it's perfect! Even Grace's soldering was spot-on.

Isn't Patty's window looking great? We're going to use bake-able paint pens to put the name on the Tabasco label. I was recently at Avery Island (home of Tabasco) and found some wonderful glass tile labels that would have worked perfectly for this window had we scaled it out to the correct size. But something tells me the hand printed letters are going to give this window more charm than a factory stamped label. Everyone who comes into the shop comments on how nice this is turning out.

Janice ground the second of her center designs, tacked together the 1st one (that she wrapped at home over the weekend) and then cut, ground and wrapped the 28 two inch diamonds that border the top and bottom of these windows. Whew! Talk about a productive night! The grinding on both of these center pieces is perfect. I suspect she'll be cutting the background for one of these next week. Below is the one she ground and took home to wrap this week:

And this is the one Janice wrapped while at home and then tacked together in class:

Jane almost has her 2nd lamp completed. She has it all together save for the 21 accent pieces that she hadn't cut yet. She wasn't sure on what color to use but has decided to go with the deep wine color that sits up high near the cap (which we don't have attached yet) to sort of bookend the lamp . She's already putting a final soldering job on this so we'll be lighting it up soon. And it looks like there might be a third one of these in the making. Practice makes perfect!

Julie has decided that if she's going to do her two windows in Irises she going to do the full length, so we redid her pattern and made it almost twice as long as it was last week. I just love the bud that's creeping in near the top right. It will connect to a stem that is in the window that will rest along side this one and tie it in to one large scene rather than 2 small separate designs.

And Fran was in looking to make some kind of Mallard window. After much searching she decided on these 2 overlapping mallards. I love all the feathers and Fran plans on making these look as realistic as possible. Expect to see some glass cut on this window next week when Fran returns.

That about wraps it up here. Welcome back from your cruise, Cheryl. It's been pretty quiet without you and we look forward to you ending your therapy sessions and coming back to classes to drive us crazy. LOL It sounds like Cheryl had a GREAT time but, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. And that includes this edition of our Blog.

See you next week!

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