Saturday, February 27, 2010

More, More, More

Butterflies are certainly the rage here. Jane is getting orders for them as fast as she can make them. She's now got the process down pat and only brought her last 4 in to get the rods cut to size. And she's no longer just making them as lawn ornaments-- the smaller pink butterflies in the pictures below all go together to make a stained glass mobile.

And when Jane isn't working on butterflies she manages to find the time to work on regular flat panel projects as well. She made this Eagle window once before but this time she's added more detail to the pattern by adding extra feather. It still needs a border but that won't be any trouble for Jane.

Julie had about half of her window ground last week and this week she managed to finish the rest of it off. It's all fitting together perfectly and only needs to be wrapped so she can start soldering this project. Sadly, I forgot to snap a picture of the window before it was disassembled so I'm just re-posting the last picture I have of it. Look for a newer picture in our next update.

Roxie started working on a large frame this week. She has all her glass picked out and even got to use the Strip Cutter or the 'Magic Tool' as Julie likes to call it. The frame will be doubled bordered with a single large square in each of the four corners. Here's her inner border all cut, ground and wrapped. She needs just 18 more border pieces and then four corners that Roxie will cut during her next class. Once that's done this project will be all ready for solder.

And lastly we have Patty who got started working on her 2 Fleur De Lis windows. Each window is almost 3 feet wide a Fleur De Lis on each side. Patty cut out all 4 of her FDL's and even got 2 of them ground before calling it a night. Since she took them home to wrap I'd expect to see the background cut for one of these windows during our next class.

We missed seeing Janice and Grace this week but sometimes work manages to get in the way of our fun here at class. Check back soon and see what happens next here on the cutting table.

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