Friday, March 5, 2010

Just a Little Is Enough

With all that's been going on here we've fallen a bit behind on updating our students work. Let's see if we can't get this all caught up before our next set of classes.

First on the list is Jane's latest lamp. It's the same pattern as her last one but with a different color scheme. The dark accent pieces are actually a deep purple that matches the purple that runs throughout the greenish glass that acts as a border. Jane plans on making one more of these lamps before changing the pattern to a more flowery design with a grid work top. As for her work, I defy anyone to find a better constructed lamp in a store.

As you may recall we had to wait a bit for a cap to come in to put the finishing touches on Jane's lamp. While she was waiting for that cap to arrive she went ahead and made this Eagle window as a present. She increased the number of feather in the pattern to give it a more realistic look and I think she did another great job here.

Roxie has finished her frame (I can't believe I didn't post this blog yet-- this was completed almost 3 weeks ago!) and her colors worked out perfectly. Sometimes a camera can't catch all the little nuances of color in a project and this is a fine example of that. Every one of her border colors matches something in the actual picture that she's framed. Now that she has this completed Roxie is going to move onto a project with more detail and I think she's really going to have fun doing it. She's got a firm grasp on how windows are made now and her next window is going to make this one look like child's play.

Patty got her border cut, ground and tacked onto her window and then had time to solder most of the front side. This window is going to be completed soon (most likely during her next class) and then she'll get to make the second one in the series which is identical save for an extra half inch or so on the length of the panel. Normally the second window goes quicker than the first one but I can't imagine her finishing this any faster than she already has.

Julie has her window all ready to solder. She put a good dent in getting the job done this week after she tacked it all together. I can already tell that this is going to be a great looking window. Pay attention to the iris bud trailing in on the right hand side of the window. That will be incorporated into the pattern of her next window which will tie them together even though they will be 2 separate panels. Julie has used an excellent choice of colors for this.

We have 2 more post to get through by mid-week so keep an eye out for our next update.

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