Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Forget Your Foil, Roxie!

Christmas is practically upon us and we have 2 projects that we'd like to see completed in time for the 25th. How far along are they and will they be finished on time? Well, we can definitely answer 1 of those questions and speculate on the other so keep on reading for the answers.

First off we get a look at Trecia's window. If Trecia needed this completed for Christmas she'd be all set because she walked out the door with it on Wednesday. As you can see it all came together beautifully . The design and the workmanship are top notch no matter how you look at it. We may see Trecia again after the Holidays because she has another project to do for her home that her husband would like to see done. She did great with this so I don't see where she'll have any problems with what has has in mind next.

Myrt is moving right along with her Sun/Moon window (or should I call it a Moon/Sun window since the moon is on the left?). She's a bit undecided on the accent colors for the lips and eybrows but she's going to make a final decision when things are ground and she can really see how the colors all fit together. As it stands, it looks great already and no matter what she chooses I can't see how it would possibly detract from this window at all.

Patty made great headway with her Shrimp De Lis window. She merely had it cut out when we saw it last but this week she hit all her pieces on the grinder and then wrapped them all as well. As far as I can tell there are only 11 pieces to go before she needs to cut her border. That means that she'll be picking out a border color along with her background glass during her next class.

Next up we get a look at our first window that needs to be completed in time for Christmas. Grace and Janice have been burning the midnight oil to get this hugely complicated pattern done on time and it's all coming together now. So much, in fact, that all that's left to do is attach a border and solder the back side. The front is completely soldered and there's only 1 break in the glass that needs to be repaired. In all honesty I expected a few more than that, especially when you consider how thin some of these pieces are. So all in all this has worked out EXTREMELY well for Grace. The big question is, will she finish it during her next class? I'll tell you what I think at the end of this post.

Terry started work on her Mardi Gras Mask window and it's really turning out nice. She picked a beautiful Blue/Green glass for her feathers and has most of them cut out now. She's picked out the colors she'll be using for the rest of this window but I have no clue what they are so I'll be as surprised as everyone else when I see what happens with this project in terms of colors.

Anita is moving at light speed with her Panda window. Talk about getting the hang of something quickly! She's got this window all cut and ground already and she's only 3 weeks into this project. She's taken her glass home with her to wrap so that when she comes in for her next class she can have it all tacked together and get her borders cut before she starts soldering this. The pieces that are missing in the picture are already wrapped and were put away before I snapped the picture. Rest assured that all but the border of this window is cut and ground.

Next up we have our second window that needs to be completed for Christmas. Roxie has her pieces all ground and wrapped which enabled her to get her border pieces cut. She's taken them home and as soon as she walks in the door next class she'll have it all tacked together and ready for solder. Will she make it in time for Christmas? Keep reading and I'll tell you what I think...

Here's a look at Fran's Duck window. With a pattern firmly picked she's begun to cut the glass for this project. All of her colors are picked so we should see some big progress during her next class. With all of those feathers that look so very similar Fran is taking her time to be mindful of what feathers she's working on. You certainly don't want to mix these up because you'll never figure out where they go if you do.

Last, but not least, we get to see the new project that Ceil has begun working on this week. It's an underwater scene with 8 fish and a crab along with assorted shells and underwater leaves. The window is about 3 foot long and has more pieces than you can shake a stick at, but this is one of those windows that will prove that size doesn't matter if you simply take it a section at a time. And as an added bonus for Ceil, Anita plans to help with this when she finishes her Panda window. :-)

You've seen our 2 windows that need to be completed during the next week. What do you think? Will they be completed or will they be late Christmas gifts? I say that we're going to be looking at 2 finished windows in our next Blog post. If I can say one thing about Bayou Salé GlassWorks and our students, it's that we ALWAYS get the job done-- Without fail.

Check back before Christmas for our look at these two completed projects.

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