Thursday, April 14, 2011

Butterflies Don't Have Antlers?

Well here it is. It was a lot of work but as always every bit of the effort put into this window shows in the final product. Anita did a wonderful job of picking up where Ceil left off on this and my hat goes off to her for volunteering all of her time and effort. Anita has picked out the pattern for her next project and it's another one with a lot of cutting but like this it will be beautiful when it's completed.
Terry finished off her Pittsburgh Steelers logo and it came out very nicely. She bordered it in a clear, iridized black baroque glass that really makes the white circle stand out. Just wait until you see Terry's next project. It has lots of clear glass and bevels which always stand out nicely.

Patty has completed her beveled boxes and Roxie has decided that she just HAS to get in on some of these boxes. These are perfect for just about anything (depending of course on the size you make them). Boxes are tricky at first but once you have 1 or 2 under your belt it all starts to make sense as to why certain steps must be done in the seemingly bizarre order you do them. As you can see the end result proves that it all comes together without a hitch.

And since we had a new student this week we get to look at a really spectacular butterfly that she made. I have no clue if Sonia saw the Oil Scope that Roxie made a few weeks earlier with a VERY similar glass but once again this type of glass has really made the project. But I don't want to belittle the work that Sonia put into it. She seems to really have a knack for this so I'm expecting big things from here on out from her. :-)

Grace's invitation plaque is moving right along. It's all cut and ground and wrapped and tacked but I only have this picture of it in pieces because somehow I forgot to take a picture of it when it was all together waiting to be soldered. I'm expecting to see this finished next week. Grace doesn't waste any time on her projects. :-)
And Myrt jumped in to help Ceil finish up the windows in her classroom by making this flower and bumble bee window. Before she completely solders this she's going to take it to the classroom and see if it fits in the window (which isn't a perfect circle). So I'd say it's safe to assume that we'll be seeing this completed next week.

Janice was on the ball again cutting out more flowers for her windows. There will be 9 windows in all of varying sizes. She's got a lot accomplished now and pretty soon we'll be cutting these into their backgrounds.

And lastly we have Roxie's 2 boxes. They have beveled sides and a glue chip bottom and they are all set (complete with feet) and are just awaiting the colored glass lid which she'll attach next week.

In our next post well get to see these two boxes, Myrt's Bumble Bee window and Graces wedding gift completed. The update should be happening sometime during the weekend. See you then!

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