Monday, May 23, 2011

Personal Pictures Taken Also

Ok, as soon as I start catching up I slack off here and fall behind with our Blog posts. That means that this will be another multiple post week (hopefully 3 of them which will then bring us up to date). I do know that a second one will be posted tomorrow so we're well on our way. Now let's see what happened 3 weeks ago in the shop.

Grace has completed her Aeroscope Kaleidoscope and it certainly is colorful. She went ahead and took her time making the much more elaborate propeller color wheel for the front of it and it really does make it look like a real bi-plane. This is another job well done by Grace.

I took picture after picture trying to get a good view of the inside of Grace's Kaleidoscope but this best shot was provided by Grace herself who came up with the solution to taking these kinds of pictures. As for what the secret is, well, I'll never tell. Grace also takes Facebook profile pics and 'personal' pictures for a nominal fee. :-)

Roxie is making something completely different. It's a stained glass Mobile of 3 Honey Bee's flying under their Bee Hive. She has everything cut and ready to be ground when we see her next. There are one or two issues I have with the pattern but I think I know what we'll do to make this much sturdier than the original blueprints would end up having this.

Here's Patty's Seafood Medley Window (meow!) She's got one of the crabs completed and will be taking this window a little at a time. Slow and steady wins the race (and it stops you from pulling out your hair).

Meanwhile Janice completed wrapping all of her flowers. Next up for her will be cutting and attaching all of the leaves. Then she'll be ready for cutting out her backgrounds.

Bonnie has begun making a wedding plaque with interlocking rings as the side panel. She's not wasting any time at all since she has the rings cut, wrapped and tacked together. The background is also cut and ground to fit so that means when she comes back in she'll be adding the borders and soldering this project.
And we're going to finish off this post with a look at Sonia's Sunflower with Birds window. When we last saw this only the yellow sunflower petals were cut out. Now she's only got bird feathers and her background to go!
As I said, we're falling a bit behind so expect another posting tomorrow. This will get us almost up to date again. A lot of our projects that you are just looking at here are already completed. So come back when you get our update notice!

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