Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Two Old Goats

We're a bit late getting this out so we're just going to start right out with our completed projects. Myrt's Cat in a Window Window is finished and looks great.  Although I pick dark borders for my windows I have to admit that it would have been a bad choice on this project.  The red curtains frame out everything perfectly and going back to white for the border was a stroke of genius. 

Ann's latest Stylized Cross was made as a complete window rather than a suncatcher and her use of clear texture for the border is beautiful.  The heavy texture frames the picture nicely.  Ann cut out all of the glass for this window by herself with no help at all and all I can say is look at how straight her lines are, especially along the clear border and the blue background.  That's beautiful work.

Betty's Clear Textured Fleur De Lis Window is a hit.  We have numerous students wanting to make this and Betty herself is making a second one.  This one is perfect.  Betty's work is stunning and her choices in textures have paid off handsomely in this window. 

Mary Grace completed her Peacock Suncatcher while she was at home.  When she brought it in we only needed to go around the outside edge with solder and then add a hook to hang it from.  This is a nice subtle but rich color scheme for an elegant looking suncatcher.

Sue made excellent use of Van Gogh glass in the collar of her Mardi Gras Jester Suncatcher.  I put just a little light on the front of her project and it lit up like it was on fire!  Sue's really got her act together and makes wonderful projects all the time.

This is Carol's Mardi Gras Stained Glass Window and it's a perfect example of how colors can change the look of a project.  Look closely and you'll see that this is the same Fleur De Lis that Betty made up above!  Colors can really change the look of a window especially when going from all clears to colors.  Carol was unsure of the yellow background but I think it fits perfectly in with the Mardi Gras color scheme.


Jeanne's Ship in a bottle looks just like, well, a ship in a bottle!  She's made this for her brother and it looks as good as a stained glass ship in a bottle could ever hope to look.  Jeanne is a perfectionist and it shines through in every project that she makes.


And Linda L's pair of Mermaid Lawn Ornaments are perfection as well.  One way to judge good work is to put two of the same projects next to each other and look for the differences (which are, inevitably, the mistakes).  These two Mermaids are a perfect match no matter how hard you try to spot a difference.


I'm thinking that this is Betty's Butterfly, but last week I thought that Rowena made a butterfly when it was actually Paula's.  They say that the mind is the first thing to go, don't they?  At any rate, it looks great and is a wonderful Lawn Ornament.  The more I think about it the more sure I am that this is Betty's creation because I showed her how to angle the wings.  See, it's all coming back to me now.

Here's a look at Shelley's Duck Head Window that she completed at home.  Luckily she sent us a picture so we could share the finished window with you.You'll see later on in this post that Shelly is far along with her new project already.

Beck B's large Horseshoe Cross Suncatcher is all cut, tacked together, and ready for solder.  There's a great chance that she'll complete this when she returns and I cant wait to see this hanging in the sunlight because I have a feeling that this is really going to get Becky stoked!

Susan has the front side of her second tiger Window completed and has moved on to the back side.  All of her work is perfection in this window and her soldering matches that high standard.  I've noticed that she's even conquered her previous problem of pulling extra lead into her joints so I'm saying that her work is top notch now.  We may even see this completed when she comes back in.

Mary Grace began work on this Easter Bunny at home and she's doing great!   By the time she left class it was almost complete so Mary Grace will need a new project shortly.  Next week she'll clean this up, paint on an eye and add a post to this to finish it off.

Brenda's Eating Disorder Window has changed it's colors!  Due to the amount of glass she had to work with for borders we decided to reverse the colors and put the black on the inside.  And in the end it worked out wonderfully.  This just needs it's final border attached and then some solder before Brenda brings it on home.

Here's a look at Becky S's latest butterfly which she plans on making into a suncatcher rather than a lawn ornament.  The only thing that has to change is the addition of a hook.  Becky has all of this cut and ground as well as having most of it wrapped.  Look out because this butterfly is almost ready to fly.

Bonnie's Study of Straight Cuts is all cut out.  She'll be grinding her pieces when she returns and it looks as though she'll only need to do some skimming to get these pieces fitting together.  Her use of Baroque glass is well balanced and I really like this look of this window.

Jeannette's Peacock is moving along quickly and as I said before, this is the hardest part of it.  The 'teardrop' part of her feathers are all tacked together and this week we got to see her cutting some of the feathers that fill in between the teardrops.  Jeannette's really impressing me with this window.

Shelley's latest window is making great progress already.  Her Fleur De Lis is almost completely ground and this is just her first week into this project.  Shelley is learning that if you take your time while cutting you save time on your grinding which always comes out in your favor.  Minimizing your time at the grinder is the best way to get a window done quickly.

Cindy's completed the grinding of her first 4 sided butterfly but she's decided to make a second one as well so this week Cindy cut out and began grinding another set of four wings. As you can see she's got a lot of it ground already.  There are just eight pieces left to go before she put these all together.

Martha's pair of Duck Windows are almost complete now.  She has one completed and the second just needs a coat of solder on the back side meaning that we'll definitely see these featured among our completed windows when we return for our next update.  I love Martha's colors and her work has grown by leaps and bounds.  I prefer quality over quantity and in that Martha delivers in spades.

Vickie's pair of Fleur De Lis Windows are all cut out and the borders are ready to be wrapped and tacked.  The glass she's used is one of my favorite colors of glass so I'm a bit biased to what I think of these windows.  I don't think you can lose with this pattern and these colors.

Terry's lower half of her Swirl of Flowers Window has all of the clear background cut out and now she's moved onto cutting out the flowers and leaves.  This is going to be a stunning window and I can't wait to watch it come together in the weeks to come. 

Here's a look at Betty's second Textured Fleur De Lis Window.  With just the border to take on to this Betty should have this soldered before you know it.


Linda L's Air Force Logo  is coming into fruition now.  Her pattern is cut out and she's ready to begin cutting glass now.  She plans on raising the background framework higher and that's easy to do,  We'll see how high it goes in weeks to come.

And that about wraps the events in the our shop for the month of January 2016!  Where does the time go?


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