Saturday, June 1, 2019

This Piece Is Going Rogue

Late, late, late.   It all started with a computer in need of a new hard drive and then moved along to a bout of food poisoning.  I'm just glad this week is over.  Let's get into things here.

Melissa's La Pieta Window was a challenge right from the start since the actual image is very square and the size she had to work it into ran short and long.  As you can see, though, we managed!  Everything about this turned out beautifully and Melissa did a great job all around on it. Inspirational indeed.


Linda L's Latest Mickey Mouse Window features some beautiful wire work in the hands and along the mouth but I think the 3D pumpkin is the thing that really sets off this whimsical cartoon piece. I think Linda now has a Mickey for all occasions now!

This is the first time someone requested a Nicholls Colonels Logo so we started from scratch on this, but in the end Cindy came through and created this beautiful large suncatcher.


MiMi made this wonderful Ship in A Bottle and didn't follow the instructions at all, opting to do things the correct way!  Rather than overlaying a ship on top of a bottle this is all cut out from glass and soldered as one piece the way stained glass should be.  Yes, there's an extremely difficuly cut in it but MiMi knocked it out with ease!


Betty completed her second Cabinet Door insert and if you think it looks like the last one she made, well you'd be correct.   The only difference between this one and the last one is the fact that the handle on the door frame is on the left rather than the right.  Other than that the windows are identical.

Angie's latest (and last) street number window was completed this week which means that she has a two week turn around on these large windows.   She starts it one week and then finishes it the next!  That's not only quick work but NICE work as well!

Barbara H has the first of her MANY Butterfly Lawn Ornaments completed and I love how she added more color to this than we normally see.  Getting students to NOT follow someone else's lead is the toughest thing to teach.

Belinda changed direction on us this week and came in with a beautiful Cross and Flame window which, of course,  represents Christ and the Holy Spirit.   She's drawn this up herself and got it all cut out at home before she even came into class.  You can color me impressed!

Shawn is making a variation of the Stylized Fleur De Lis pattern that everyone loves to much.   Since she wanted it to fit in a square window I widened out the FDL so it filled the space better.   I have to say that I may like this look even better than the original design.   Shawn wasted no time and by the end of her first night of work on this she had a good portion of it cut out.


Now that the glass for her tree has been cut Tracey's latest Cardinal Window is all set for grinding.   I have to say that the glass that she picked for her flowers is amazing.   It's not easy to see at this point in time but wait until you see it tomorror when I post the latest picture this!


Speaking of Cardinals, Annette's Pair of Cardinals has now been completely ground and she's begun the wrapping process.   I always feels that foiling your pieces helps relieve all of the stress that grinding places on you.  Grinding can be very stressful whereas foiling is slow and relaxing.


The subject section of Jeanne L's Circular Rose Window has been completely cut and ground at this point in time and it already looks stunning.  By grinding a little harder along the stems of flowers Jeanne will have a thicker lead line which helps reinforce the illusion of a stem rather than just a lead line.  I can't wait to see this window completed.

Jeff is working on his window in thirds and this is his Sunflower section.   Things are looking great already and Jeff is about to grind these pieces and then tack them together before moving along to his background pieces.

Four Cross Suncatchers?  Nope, these are four Cross Windows!   Martha got all of her background glass cut out for these and is about to begin grinding them.  Once they are tacked together she'll be ready for borders.


No one has ever made an Arrow Window before but now that Kerry has begun two of them we can cross Arrows off our list of things that have never been made before.    This first one is almost completed already.

Susan R's Garden Gnome is so close to being finished that it isn't even funny.   With just the back side left to solder I have no doubt that we'll be looking at this in its completed form in our next post. (Largely because I already have the picture of it!)


With the front side soldered and only the back side left to go, Jeanne M's Virgin Mary Window is also very close to being completed.  When this is lifted off of the white paper that it's currently resting on you will see the difference between the two yellows that she's used in this spectacular window.

Mary Grace's Flower Window has just three pieces left to replace  in it and then she'll move along to the border system.   We're not sure of where she's headed on that but we will figure that out next week when this is completely tacked and we can see just what area we have to fill.

Rowena started this Tiger Paw LSU Window  and was able to correctly identify the elaborate border system that many students stumble on.  With everything ground but the borders, this window will be completed before you know it.

Lastly we look at Betty's latest Virgin Mary Suncatcher which is all cut, ground, and ready to be foiled.  This will be finished when we see it again.


And that almost brings us up to date.  I still have one more post to go to take us out of the month of May.  See you in a day!

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