Monday, May 15, 2023

But Your Cuts ARE Weak...

 Melissa's address Window is a perfect example of the use of subtly soft colors.   Her excellent color choices ensure that this window could sit in front of ANY house (provided that the street address is 719).  No matter the changes that Melissa may make to the outside of her house, this window will never look out of place.


Susan D's Black Crows on  Driftwood is exquisite!  She's really found a niche in the stained glass world and has managed to knock the ball out of the park with each and every one of her self designed creations.
 Angie's got her own take on the Shell Window and it's every bit as wonderful as the one we saw before.  She made short work of this and her craftsmanship is spot on throughout!
Jeannette's Round Anchor Window was completed almost faster than she could ask, "Do you have an Anchor Pattern?"   Check out those deep cuts on the left and right sides of background glass that surrounds the anchor.  That's some nice fitting there.

Annette was as busy as a Bee throughout the week working on a pair of Bumblebee projects.  She's made a 3D curved Bee lawn  ornament which she them suspended from chain to hang as a mobile.   Next she made a Flower and a Bee Suncatcher which were joined together with a few pieces of wire to create one suncatcher with two subjects.

Lara's heart isn't on her sleeve, it's hung from a chain in her window! Again, simplicity with a unique twist is what sets this apart from other Hearts that we've seen made here before.
Betty broke away from her Silverware Dragonflies this week and made  two circular Fleur De Lis Suncatchers.  The FDL itself says Louisiana while the colors turn it into a definite LSU design.

Ann has another Modern Cross completed.  She's building an arsenal of these to give out as gifts.   By creating them before they are needed she's hopefully avoiding a mad rush to get one done when she least expects it.


Let got two borders cut and ground for her Flower Vase Panel and I'm fairly sure that if she gets the final border wrapped and tacked that she'll end up having it completely soldered upon her return.



Cindy's Dog Window now has an official name:  Big.   As you can see she's incorporated the name in the bottom of the window but she still needs to cut out the background glass for those three letters.   That won't take long at all so I do believe that the end of this project is near.

Mary Grace started cutting out the third and final word for her Logo Window.  HOUMA is the newest word and it's all cut and ready for grinding.  There's still a large part of this window to go and that will involve a lot of symmetry so the fun isn't over just yet.  Careful cutting on the larger pieces will be just as important as the lettering was/is. 

Jan's got her Humming bird and Flower Window all ground which allowed her to begin wrapping each of her pieces in copper foil.   She'll tack this together and then cut the background pieces after she cuts and grinds the last two remaining leaves.

Susan D also worked on an assortment of Flower Angels this week.  Two of them (on the left) are actually flowers while the remaining three (on the right) will be Angels.  The difference between them is only in their orientation.   Heads go up for Angels and down to form a flower bud for flowers.

Martha's LSU Tiger is now almost completely ground and fitted together.   Once she grinds the last few remaining pieces on  the right side of the tiger's face she'll be able to start wrapping her glass in copper foil. The rest of this is child's play for Martha.

Sheri's Coffee Window is pretty much ready for foiling now that the table portion of the Window has been cut.   The glass that she picked for the table turned out to be the same glass that she used for the actual coffee in the cup so she ended up changing the color of the coffee to avoid having the cup look like it had a hole in it. 

Shelly's got Bree almost completely ground now.  The only thing left to do is to add an apple stem, two earrings, and 3 round pearls for her necklace.   Then she'll paint the face that you see faintly outlines on the glass and we'll fire it in the kiln.
Barbara's Rooster Window is very close to being ready for foil.  Yes, there's still a lot of background glass to do yet but since we want the rays of the sun to run perfectly through the 'sky' we are going to cut all of that AFTER the rooster itself has been tacked together.   Once that's done all if those pieces will be locked into place which will make grinding the background of this window so much easier and neater.
And lastly Susan R has another Reindeer under way and in just one class she's managed to cut it all out.  I need to go back to see just how many of these she's already  made and how many she plans to make in total.  I believe she's talking about running some chain between all of the reindeer which will then connect to the Santa's Sleigh that she completed last week.

And there ya have it!


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