Monday, May 8, 2023

Don't You Have Some Grass To Cut?

Jeannette's Sailboat was completed this week and her hand cut circles are perfection.  Curves are easy to do but making a completely round circle is the sign of a great artist. There's no doubt that this will be appreciated.

MiMi's elbé Window features a color pallet that looks even more lovely in person.  The inner deep blue border is much more sparkly and shimmery when you see it  outside of its picture.  That said, you CAN differentiate between the two borders, just not  as easily as you can when there isn't a florescent light behind the widow.  Also, letters ARE tough but MiMi's are perfectly formed and a delight to read.
Let has made her first box and it actually features a beveled top with a pair of dog paws etched into the bevel.   The basic construction appears to be complex but once you've done two or three boxes the process becomes much clearer and very easy to repeat.  Will Let make more boxes?  Time will tell...
Cindy made a Dogwood Window which utilizes glass globs or nuggets to form the centers of her striking white flowers.  Set within a sky blue background and suspended on a root beer branch this window is the very definition of lovely.
It's Christmas in May!   Susan R has made a Santa's Sled to go along with the Reindeer that she's been working on over the past few weeks.  Now that the Sleigh has been completed you can clearly see how wonderfully the completely leaded glass runners look!
Linda L's first Sunflower Suncatcher has been completed and it's equal parts colorful and vibrant!  You'll see her second Sunflower become finished when she comes back into class but that will take another two weeks or so since Linda is taking some time off of classes to get away with her husband! 
Jeannette has finished her Dove/Cross Suncatcher which is the first of its kind here in class.   I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll see more of these because first off, they aren't that hard to make and second of all because it looks so great when it's finished.

Steve made this Mushroom and Flower Flowerpot decoration in just one class.  However, he didn't just make it, he also designed it while in class.  That's some impressive turnaround there!  Art is always interesting because people can see what they want in various pieces and this is no exception.

Cindy is the Bicycle Wheel Queen for sure because she's made more of these than I can even keep count of.   Since they all turn out wonderfully I can't help but think that Cindy will make another of these in the near future.

And up next we take a look at Ann's  latest Modern Cross.  Even she has said that she can practically make these in her sleep now!

Susan D soldered five different Crow suncatchers which are almost hard to make out since everything about them is black.   Luckily the flash has revealed the details in each of these birds but I've really got to hand it to Susan for coming up with five different crow designs all on her own!
Address Windows are nice because they serve two purposes.  1) They provide important information and 2) they do it with a sense of style.  Melissa's use of subtle colors ensure that this sign will match her house no matter what color the house may change to in years to come.  And let's face it, this is something that isn't practical to take along with you if you should move!

Jan was back this week and she's currently grinding her Humming Bird and Flower Panel.  You can clearly see that the wings of the bird fit perfectly so you know she's moving along nicely on this.   I don't think that this will take her too much longer now that most of the glass has been cut out for it.
Now at first look you may be thinking, "Roxane is back!"  But she just isn't feeling up to doing glass right now so Jeannette has stepped up to the plate to bat for her.  And by that I mean that Jeannette is finishing Roxane's Nativity Scene Window.  All of the glass has officially been cut and there's just soldering left to go now.

Barbara's Rooster is looking better and better with each passing week.   Believe it or not, the body is the hardest part of this window to grind.   Once that's done the curved tail feathers are easy!
Mary Grace is back and not letting a boot slow her down.  With HEALTH and now WELLNESS essentially completed I think she'll be moving along to a new word (HOUMA) when she comes back in!
Lara was undecided on what she would make when she first came in but after going through patterns she settled on this large Heart Suncatcher. It's cut, it's ground and it's wrapped so it will easily be completed when we see it again.
As we know from her past artistic sensibilities, Shelley's esthetic values have been forged on a path oscillating rapidly between the surreal and the sublime.   Classic throes of expression have never tainted her ability to elucidate an eager, yet harrowing reluctance which clings tightly to an inherent emotional discomfort.  The portrait she weaves in glass cuts a striking a figure, terminal though it may be. The carmine dread followed by a tinge of unassumed release envenoms the viewers mind as a claxon of distant warnings erodes the soul.  Yes, it's one dimensional.  Even, dare I say,  excessively obvious, but  understated notions of complexity have inundated our lives with enough superficial banality.  How utterly refreshing this is!

Our second Rooster is being made by June and she's also grinding away on hers just as Barbara is.  This one may not be as complex as the Rooster we saw earlier but it certainly is just as attractive.  The nice thing about making a rooster window is that colors should range far and wide and you can even use a lot of scrap glass to make it.

Two weeks ago this was an un-ground window.  This week the word Coffee is fully on display now that all of it has been ground.  I always say that letters are hard but Sheri is making this look easy. Next she'll need some glass for the table top and then she'll warp and tack it so we can get a border cut for it.
Welcome to Buc-ee's!  With all of the glass cut out for her mascot window Judy has taken to the grinder and has gotten most of this fitted together already.  Whether you need gas or food, Buc-ee's can help you out.  Ever since their inception in 1982, Buc-ee's has been committed to providing a clean, friendly, and in stock experience for all of their customers. Regardless of where you may find them, if the store is big or small, near or far, their mission remains the same.  (And don't forget about their cleanest RestRooms in America!)

Shells are in vogue now and Angie is about to put the finishing touches on her Shell Window when she comes back in.   As a fan of blue glass I really appreciate her inner border!

Geaux Tigers!  With her letters completely ground Martha has moved along  to grinding the harder Tiger Face.  The beauty of this window is that when you are grinding the face you don't have to follow the lines as precisely as you would any other window.   That's because tiger stripes are somewhat random and NOT symmetrical at all.
With the majority of her Winged Cross suncatcher foiled I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she will have this completed upon her return.  It's a complex suncatcher but the soldering part is easy when compared to the work she had to do to get it to this point of of its creation.

Lastly we look at the pattern that Kerry is working on.  He's been wanting to do a Bayou Scene for a while now and here it is.  He's got the roof cut out in one large piece that will be split into five pieces after his window is all ground.  This is a trick that he'll be using throughout the creation of this window.
And that's all we have for you this week.  Come back again next Monday to see just how far everyone has gotten along with their current projects.


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