Monday, March 16, 2009

Gerald's Return (Sort Of)

We had a new student this week and regular readers of the blog know what that means: a picture of a butterfly suncatcher will start off the blog. :-) Paul did his in yellow and blue (which you can easily see for yourself. He had no problem making this at all and I'll bet we see some nice work from him as the weeks go by.

We not only heard from Gerald this week, we saw him as well. He came in for some channel to finish off this window that he made at home. Gerald wants to return to classes and there's a chance we'll be seeing him again in 2 weeks. We won't hold it against him if he can't make it but we'll certainly miss him if he can't make it in. Here's his latest project.

Grace finished the center part of her Angel window and then cut the two borders for it as well. The clear, inner border is already wrapped and tacked on but she ended up taking the final border home to wrap. After that's attached she'll add the final zinc channel and start soldering.

Janice got the two inserts of her next 2 windows all cut, ground and wrapped. This one needs to be tacked together before we can cut the background glass for it.

This centerpiece is already tacked together so it's all set for background glass. We'll see a lot of progress next week when the background is all cut around this. :-)

Cheryl has her background cut. Since it's clear glass you really can't see it against the pattern. It will be tacked into place during her next class and we'll see her inner border get cut and ground as well. Cheryl is almost finished with this window-- the tough part is over with!

Come back next week and see what else is up in the shop!

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