Friday, March 6, 2009

Texting the Night Away

We all got a lot accomplished this week and even have the pictures to prove it. Here's a look at Lea's completed insert on the left and the second one which still needs to be soldered on the right.

Grace now has her angel window wrapped and tacked together. I suspect she'll have the borders all cut and assembled next week.

Janice cut the 'arms' to both her windows and took one centerpiece home to wrap. When she finishes one of these I'll do a quick picture to simulate how all 5 windows will look when they're installed.

Christine began working on a second Jesus window. She didn't bring all the pieces with her to grind and ended up regretting that decision when she finished grinding all her pieces and couldn't continue any further. This picture doesn't allow you to really see the iridized white glass that she has cut and ground on the pattern.

It looks like we'll have the background cut for Cheryl's Peacock window next week. It's all falling in place now...That it for this week. We should have a new student next week so prepare yourself for another butterfly...

Bayou Salé GlassWorks

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