Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's In A Blog Title?

In this case-- absolutely nothing. I was pretty busy this week and couldn't keep up with the conversations that usually inspire the title for the weekly Blog. But I did manage to take pictures.

Lea finished another cabinet door insert. By now you must know what the general design will look like. This one matches the one from the week before.

Lea also cut out 2 flemish versions of her bevel cluster for the smaller doors that she'll be working on next week.

Tommy has been busy at home working on an OU window that he designed from their emblem. It's looking good to me.

Janice is moving along at high speed now. She's got all the diamond pieces cut, ground, and wrapped. The background glass is, for the most part, cut ground and tacked together on her first window. The cutting went very well and we were able to cut it all from one sheet of glass. I suspect she'll have this one ready for solder very soon now.

Grace has her Angel window all together and even has the round Zinc channel on it. She began soldering it and has the front side completed. There's no doubt that we'll see this completed next week because this angel has its wings!

Cheryl has her peacock tacked together and all that's left now are the borders. She couldn't cut the thin inner border because it needs to line up with parts of the outer border. That means she had to cut out the beveled diamond sections and tack them together first. You can see these sections on the left and right of the peacock in the picture. Cheryl has taken he window home so she can solder the front side.

Paul began working on a candle holder. It will be a 4 panel leaf design with the leaves cut in two different colors: green and orange. He has the two green leaves cut out and wrapped and took one home to wrap. His cutting is great and his confidence is high so I suspect we'll be seeing great things from him.

And that's all there is this week. We'll see some orange leaves and borders next week as well as some cabinet doors from Lea.

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