Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good News For Janice & Grace

We're going to take a minute here to say congratulations to Janice having learned that she's going to be a grandmother again! That would make Grace an Aunt again so maybe we'll call her Aunty Grace from here on out. :-)

Speaking of Grace, let's see how her window is coming out. She's added a lot of color this week and I think it's looking GREAT! She'll be cutting her background glass soon and after that it will be a quick pass through the grinder. I like this pattern more and more as Grace gets closer to finishing it.

Meanwhile Janice got her second window ready for its final soldering. I'm not sure what windows she'll begin working on next but it will either be another one of these or she'll go back to the pattern she did before this one. Soon we'll get a look at this with some light behind it which gives it a completely different look.

Cheryl has finished cutting all her glass on her Peacock window. Her final border is a medium blue glass with a heavy ripple texture. Once again, I can't wait to see this one with some light behind it!

Russ began working on this cat window and has it almost completely cut out now. All it needs are eyes and a border before he starts grinding it.

Work is finally progressing on the new look and feel of our website. Expect to see some changes which bring it more up to date with new pictures in the galleries soon. I'll be honest here and admit that posting this announcement helps push me along with it. :-)

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