Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shades Of Gray

Janice has finished the first window in her second series of panels. Here's a look at the finished project and then below it I have arranged all her windows to show you the pattern they will form on top pf her house. She'll complete the soldering on her second window at home and next week she plans on working on more windows using her first pattern again. She's got quite a few of these to do and wants to split them up so that she's not always working on the same thing over and over.

Here is the pattern arrangement that you'll see on the front of her house: Gerald was in tonight and got all the leaves cut and ground on his large Iris window. This will be going in a front door and is about 5 feet tall.

Grace has finished cutting all the geometrical pieces of her window and had to decide on a color for her background. After much contemplation she decided to go with 2 different textures of gray glass. She's begun tracing out the pattern pieces onto the glass and will start cutting that next week.Michael is back and she's made GREAT strides on her window now. She had the background and all the diamonds at home with her and I had forgotten just how far along she was to finishing this. She's been out with a bout of pneumonia but she's back back in action and ready for the world again now.
That about wraps it up for this week.

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