Thursday, April 16, 2009

She's Got Class

Late again so there will be another update here tomorrow to bring us all up to dat. :-)

Paul finished his Candle-Holder and this turned out to be one of the rare times that finishing a project during night class didn't result in a sub-par picture. We put a candle in it, turned out the lights and snapped this picture. Paul did a GREAT job and contrary to what he might believe, I didn't help very much at all unless you consider guidance to be excessive help. :-)

I threw this box together quickly during day class to show just how quick and simple something like this can be done. There's not much to it but boy does it sparkle. We already have a number of students interested in making a few of these for gifts...

Janice is just about home free with her latest window. All this needs is a border and some solder and it's a wrap! Speaking of wrapping, she still needs to wrap the little triangles on the top and bottom before we cut the border. But that shouldn't take long at all.

Grace continued cutting glass on her Geometric-Fleur De Lis window. She wants this to be colorful and I really like how it's turning out.

Christine cut this humming bird and flower and then ground it during day class. All it needs is a beak and this will be ready to go.

Cheryl got more work done on the final border of her Peacock window. It looks like there's only 12 pieces and some zinc channel to add to this before she can aply the finishing solder job. I have no doubt that will be finished during her next class (largely because I'm writing this a week late and I know what she got accomplished in her next class!)

And lastly we have Denise's latest project. She came in hoping to repair a cracked piece in her Bear and Moon window but we didn't have a matching piece of glass so she jumped ahead to her next project which is a frame for a baby picture. I added the picture of the baby so you could get the full effect. Without the baby in it the picture looked a little skimpy and you really couldn't see what was going on.
Well, I know what happened in the next class already and all I'm going to say is to make sure you check back here tomorrow and see just how far along so many projects have come. It's amazing!

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