Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pearls go with anything.

The ladies of Thursday night gave me a valuable lesson in accessorizing. I'll try to remember it if I ever get any pearls!

So here we have Roxie's window almost completely wrapped. There are only a few small pieces left to go which will easily be handled during the next class. After tacking it together Roxie will need a border and then she'll be ready to solder this. It looks GREAT already.

Yvette began working on her Peacock window this week. She had to trace out the pattern onto pattern paper and that took a lot of time but she was still able to get the body and head of the bird cut before she called it a day. As you can see it's fitting together nicely even though it hasn't been ground yet. Next week she'll start working on the Peacock feathers which fill the bottom of this pattern. Come back and check out our next update to see the bottom half of this window.
Naughty Margaret is looking better than ever here. She's almost completely ground save for the flower on her hat and her ears. Patty is just flying through this project. I guess it's true: Practice does make perfect.

I screwed up on my last posting of Julies window. I was thinking that she had the background all cut out but she didn't. That will teach me not to wait so long before writing these Blog updates. My memory is obviously not what it used to be. So this week Julie cut all of the clear background to her window which means that when we next see her she'll be spending quality time at the grinder getting this fitted together so it can then be foiled.

Cheryl cut out all the little pieces to the fins (flippers???) of her Sea Turtle and then got it all ground! All the points of yellow that you see in the picture are the yellow plastic heads of the pins that are holding this altogether. Cheryl learned a long time ago that if you use a lot of pins while you are grinding you'll get done quicker. I just can't stress the use of pins enough.

Janice and Grace took the week off because it was Janice's birthday and Grace wanted to take her mother out to dinner. I couldn't possibly say No to that! I hope Janice had a great Birthday and a great night out. We'll see the two of them next week and hopefully Grace will finish her LSU box.

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