Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This One Has No Title

Sock Monkeys are the rage. And unlike real monkeys they are hardly scary at all-- or so Patty tells me. Hers certainly looks friendly enough now that it's completed. You've got to love the glass beads that Patty picked to use for Naughty Margret's earrings. They're pretty classy for a sock monkey!

Suzie is moving right along on her Fleur De Lis window. She has everything but the border cut out and she's got all but 8 small pieces ground and ready to be wrapped. As always, rather than wasting time she took her pieces home to wrap so when we see her again we should have the border cut and the entire window tacked together and ready for solder.

And speaking of tacked and ready for solder, Julie has her Iris window all wrapped and ready to be tacked. I figure she has 2 weeks of soldering and then we'll get to see this one completed and pictured along side of her first window. I think her doors are going to look spectacular!

Janice is wasting no time at all getting her last 2 windows made. She's just about ready to start cutting her background out. You can see some of the pieces to her last window sitting there above this one which means that when this window is completed she'll be able to start cutting out the background to her last window.

Roxie, like Janice, is working on multiple windows now also. She's working on 6 Fleur De Lis windows in 3 different colors. In other words, 3 sets of 2. She's got 5 of the Fleur De Lis' cut already and would have had the 6th one completed also had she not run out of glass. She's on a roll now!

Grace resumed work on her Fleur De Lis Saints window. If there was any doubt that this window pertained to the Saints then she certainly made it clear when she added the word "Saints" across the bottom in black glass. I believe she said that she was going to finish this one with a double border. All the little extras that she's adding to this window help make it one unforgettable piece of glass!

And lastly we have Cheryl's latest project. She stopped working on her Turtle window to get this one started because it has to be done ASAP. I'd say she's done very well since all it needs is the border tacked on and then some solder. And to think that she started this in class just this week.

Classes are filling up again and we have a lot going on so be sure to stop by to see what's happening next at Bayou Salé GlassWorks

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