Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Never Forget Your First Piece Of Glass

It's always a pleasure to have someone get excited when they see their first project completed and Suzie's eyes just about popped out of her head when she colored her window and then held it up to the light. And she has every reason to be proud of her window-- just look at it!

Patty completed her two frames and I have to say that I had no clue that she was so far along on the second one! I must have been sleeping in class the week before because when she came in with everything ready to be soldered I was shocked. By the time she left she had both frames soldered and all I did was add the stand/picture holder onto the back of the frames. That means that Patty still hasn't seen them completed yet but she certainly will when she reads this.

We have another butterfly this week which means that we've started a new student on Wednesday. Rita will be joining us for the next 4 weeks during which time she will be working on a frog window. She did great on each of the steps while making her butterfly and I don't think her next project will be a problem for her at all.

Grace is ready to begin soldering her Saints window. She tacked the name portion of the window together and then added a white border around the entire window. Some brass channel around the edges finished it all off and when she comes in again she'll be soldering.

Jane was back, as busy as can be, cutting out more 3D butterflies. I'm starting to wonder if she might think that making that first one was a mistake. I believe she cut out 5 of them while she was in class which probably brings her grand total to around 30 butterflies (give or take a few). Since her glass was all in boxes there wasn't much to take a picture of so I'll show you the pattern that she's been using.

Janice has only 4 corner pieces and then the border before she can start soldering her window. She managed to cut the bottom background and almost all of the triangle fill ins while she was in class. There's only one left to go in this series and then she'll be moving on to something else that won't be so repetitive. She mentioned a jumping frog so we'll see what we turn up for that one soon enough.

Lisa began working on a medium sized Fleur De Lis window and then decided to make 2 of them rather than just one. She cut out 2 Fleur De Lis' in a beautiful green/blue glass and has one of them ground already. There's a hgood chance that she'll have the background cut on one of these when we see her next. If you're making two or more of anything it's always best to cut them all out at the same time. You get a good flow going and you're able to work faster.

Michele has decided to work on a classic stained glass style window. It's got a bit of a Victorian feel to it with some Fleur De Lis' to give it that Louisiana look that we've all come to know and love here. She'll cut out her centerpiece first and then tack that all together before she starts on her backgound.
Roxie finished up her 6 Fleur De Lis'on the grinder this week and then wrapped them and tacked them all. They all fit the pattern perfectly so we should be able to cut out 6 pieces of rectangular background glass and have them all line up perfectly on them. We'll see how well they line up next week but for now just look how nice and uniform her FDL's look.

Yvette has all the glass that she cut out in the past 4 weeks all ground and fitting together perfectly. She's even started to wrap these pieces (look closely at the bottom left feather and you'll see that they have foil on them already). She's taken the whole thing home with her so she can wrap all her pieces at night while she's watching TV. The rest of this peacock should go VERY smoothly for her since the toughest part is now behind her.

And that brings us back up to date. We'll have more progress to report on in less than a week so come on back and see what's been going on here.

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