Monday, July 11, 2011

Rapping with Glass

♫ ♪ Ladies struttin' their stuff ♪ ♫
♪ ♫ comin' into class, ♫ ♪
♫ ♪ Blowin' our minds with ♪ ♫
♪ ♫ their fine stained glass! ♫ ♪

♫ ♪ They know how to work it, ♪ ♫
♪ ♫ They know how to shape it ♫ ♪
♫ ♪ And if things are goin' right ♪ ♫
♪ ♫ They never ever break it! ♫ ♪

Janice has her first window completed and it's looking GREAT! Again, note that the border only travels along 3 sides. This is because the window will continue into a smaller section that sits above this one. Since we want people to notice that the scene is one large picture split between 2 windows we avoid breaking up the flowing pattern as much as possible. Which means that the top window won't have a border along the bottom edge.

Sonia started this Oil Kaleidoscope last week and Rapped it all up the following week. It's a fairly easy project but figuring out just how it all fits together the first time can be daunting. In fact, after making about a dozen of these in class, I think I'm going to modify the pattern a bit to make it easier to solder the final lines which close in the mirrors. Now I can't wait until someone else wants to make one of these. :-)

Roxies Faeries or Fairies or Wood Nymphs or Butterfly ladies or whatever you want them to be (I prefer Faeries myself-- it makes them sound more mystical) are most certainly in the making ere. She has 2 more almost completely cut out now. The top one looks like a blank pattern but that's only because the glass she cut is a clear textured glass. It's going to be stunning when it's all together. Trust me.

Speaking of clear glass, Terry has half of her second smaller window all tacked together. She closing in on the end of this project and she said that she's looking forward to working with color again soon.
Wine and cheese, anyone? Myrt certainly wants some so she'll be hanging this window in er own house rather than giving it away like she does all her other windows. This is really coming together nicely if I do say so myself.
Fran's been making Fleur De Lis windows again. She has 3 in the works here with one of them ready to be tacked together. There are 2 other backgrounds cut out but she left her Fleur De Lis centers at home so she couldn't grind them here in class. She was moving along quicker than she thought she would.
Cindy's window is ready to have a background cut for it. All the leaves and cat tails are cut out now so she's picked a nice shade of blue to give it a sky-like background. I'm starting to think that Cindy has a thing for stained glass leaves since she added leaves similar to this in her last window.

Bonnie got the flowers for her 2 stained glass boxes all cut and wrapped. When she saw how we hung one of the Iris petals down low she decided she wanted to do the same for the rose. Adding a simple leaf to the bottom extended the design lower than the background glass and will give the box owner a place to lift the lid when it's closed. It may not make sense now but it will when toy see it all together.

Patty's making progress on her seafood window. Yep there are a lot of small pieces but in the end this is going to be SOOOOO worth it. you mark my words. She's picked out the glass for her shrimp and will start working on that before you know it.

And that should Rap things up here this week. Come back tomorrow for a second pasting (if the internet wants to work for me)

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