Saturday, June 9, 2012

Acid Re-Flux

As promised in our last update, here's a look at Terry's latest completed project, her jewel encrusted Fleur De Lis Window.  She went with an iridized clear border glass that just seems to set the entire window off nicely.  And the jewels traveling inside the border made a big difference in the overall feel of the window also.  It just looked plain and unfinished without them.  But no one would ever use those words to describe Terry's window now!


And Roxie completed another Flower Hand Mirror this week but since I seem to have screwed up the picture I'm going to show you another shot of the last one she finished.  the only real difference between the one you're looking at here and the one that was actually finished is the color of the flower centers.  You'll just have to trust me when I say that the mirror turned out beautiful (as they always do).

And pictured below is a look at Roxie's next Flowered Hand Mirror.   She has it all ready for soldering and she'll most likely do that and have this one completed next week.

Bouncing back to Terry again, not only did she complete her FDL window this week-- she also got a major portion of her next project completed as well!  Here's a look at her new project, the Egret.  See all of those little yellow dots at the bottom of this window?  Well those are yellow headed pins which means that she has an awful lot of this ground already as well as cut out!

Ann's Flower Window is now 100% ground.  Everything fits together perfectly and the only glass left to cut is the border which, of course, we won't do until this is all tacked together.  When a window of this size this is foiled there's a good chance that it will grow a bit and force us to make a few adjustments to get everything into place again.  If we cut or border to fit this now it may not fit after Ann makes adjustments.

Bonnie is in the process of working on a glass  Butterfly Wind Chime.  She's making a large butterfly from which will hang 6 or 8 different lengths of rectangular glass.  Here's a look at the butterfly portion of her newest project.  As you can see, she has most of her glass picked out already.

Cindy has her four corners in place and the border tacked on to her Diamond Fleur De Lis Window.  She also has the channel on it which means that there's only soldering left to go on this project.  I'd say it's a safe bet to say that this will be completed during her next class.  Look for the finished version in our next update!

Patty got the dragonfly of her Dragonfly Window cut out and tacked together.  It's made with filigree wings which means that she won't have to cut out 100 little tiny pieces of glass to make the wings look real.  Instead she just cut 4 large wings and foiled a brass cutout to each of the pieces.  Once it's soldered you'll never know that it wasn't all cut out.

Patty also traced out all of her background on this colorful  piece of glass.  Next week she'll cut this out and you'll get to see just how everything fits together.

Sonia has the lions share of work completed with her Pokeno Girls Window.  All but the fill in pieces are cut and she's working on wrapping and tacking everything into place .  She's redone a few of the lead lines to make it feel more balanced and it's looking almost complete now.

That's about it for this post, be sure to check your email (or Facebook account of you follow us there) for another update notification over the weekend!

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