Sunday, July 15, 2012


 Wow, this past week brought us a lot of rain, thunder, and lightning.  And the severe storms kept our attendance down to a bare minimum so we actually have no completed projects to look at, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing to see.   Read on!

Martha had ground and tacked together her Dragonfly during her last class and this week she not only cut out her background glass but she got it all ground as well!  With the tough part over this window is well on it's way to completion.  We even remembered to cut the dragonfly into the background before Martha wrapped everything!

Patty finished her Lady In a Tub last week so she started from square one this week on her latest project which we're called the Birds In A Row window.  She traced out her pattern and is (obviously) working from the left to the right.  Three birds down, seven left to go.  With no limits to the colors she can use on these birds I can safely say that this will be, without a doubt,  a very colorful and eye catching window.

Bonnie continued working on her three Butterfly lawn ornaments.  She has all three cut out and all three ground and has taken all the pieces home to wrap throughout the week so she can start soldering when she returns next Thursday.  It's hard to see but Bonnie grabbed the bull by the horns and made some modifications to the original pattern.  The butterfly on the left has 10% fewer calories pieces.  Where's Bonnie's 3rd butterfly?  Well I forgot to get a picture of it so you'll just have to wait to see it in our next post.


Speaking of butterflies Roxie has got six (or is it five?) butterflies cut out and ready to be ground.  Or at least she did when she came in.  She now has 2 of them ground and the green one that was only a pattern traced onto glass last week is now all cut out and ready to face the grinder when she returns. 

Shelley made excellent progress on her Mermaid window this week.  She got her two fish and all of the water cut out AND she also managed to get a good 75% of this window ground.  The flower on top and some of the water under it still needs to be fitted into place but the majority of this window is ready for foil.  Shelley has decided to go with a blue border and the yellow flower will cut into it which explains why the water ends suddenly on the top.  I think the border is really going to make this window stand out nicely.

I'm guessing that classes will be back to normal this coming week so we might very well see a completed window (or two?) when we return.  If not you'll certainly see a lot more progress on these windows that you've just looked at along with more than a few others.

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