Monday, December 19, 2016

There's No 'L' In Christmas

Our tip this week is a seasonal one not related to glass but important just the same.   With the Holiday Season around us we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   But most of all we want everyone to be safe especially around New Years.  Be happy and have fun, but be safe. 

So Rowena managed to complete her Peacock window just in time to ring in the new year with a new project.  This week she washed, colored, and then rewashed her Peacock window.  After that you'd think she was ready to move along to the Lawn Ornament Butterfly she brought along with her but instead she then took her tome and waxed window to bring out a nice shine to the copper.  It's stunning (as I knew it would be) and Rowena will be framing this large window in a wooden frame to hang it because wood and glass go together so very well and this window deserves the extra attention.

Speaking of spectacular windows-- Lara's African Woman (whose name I knew yesterday but can't remember for the life of me today) is astounding!  Believe it or not, Lara's new at this stained glass thing but she's been pushing herself with each new project (rather than doing simple projects) and it's been paying off in spades for her.   Her work on this is wonderful and she should be very proud of this accomplishment.

Jeannette finished her Minnie Mouse Window and it's spectacular.   Linda L saw the pattern and plans on making both the Mickey and Minnie windows after the new year and her inspiration came from this lovely piece that Jeannette has left in the shop.  The wire work on this is extensive but it adds so much detail that it really shouldn't be overlooked.  That said, it's not just the dress but the eyelashes that really make this Minnie Mouse Window rock!

Well now, Bonnie has completed her latest window in record time.  As I've stated before, geometric windows rely on perfect symmetry if they are going to look good and, as you can see, Bonnie's window looks GREAT!  This is how it should be done.

 Paula's last two boxes were finished well ahead of her Dec. 25th deadline and that's the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it (uh-huh, uh-huh).   Perfection all around, Paula is willing to go the extra mile to make a project stunning.  Just look at those clouds in front of that moon!  And she even assembled the box bottoms herself which is no easy feat!

Tasha started this Owl last week and got it all cut out before she left class.  She took it home, ground it and even had all of her pieces foiled before she came back into class which guaranteed that she'd get this finished before she walked out the door again.  And here it is!   We were going to paint black dots to form the eyes but then Rowena said that we should try some googly eyes (which we just happened to have).  We loved the look and then Russ tried even bigger ones and , well, the rest is history.  This looks GREAT!

Brenda completed her version of the Christmas Bells Window and she made hers with a double border.   I've always been a fan of the double border but I'm far too smart to say I like this one better than the one Terry made with a single border because they both look GREAT!

Jeannette had a deadline this week and she managed to get both of her projects done in time so she could rest easier when she got back home.   There's nothing worse than having an unfinished project  in the days leading up to Christmas.  Luckily Jeannette managed to get this hand mirror finished and now she can focus on more important things this week (like maybe wrapping this in gift wrap rather than foil!)

Martha was able to finish all of her holiday suncatchers in time for Christmas just as I predicted she would.  And replacing the broken head of one of her angels was easier than she ever imagined.  Repairs aren't hard, they're just unfortunate.  In the end, these are a lovely assortment of suncatchers.

 I knew we'd see this completed when Carol walked in the door and she didn't disappoint me.  Mrs. C struck yet again with another window that blends perfect color and perfect cutting wonderfully.  Trimming a bevel in glass involves a lot of hard precision work but the end result is always worth it, wouldn't you agree?


Terry's Scarlet Letter Window was completed this week and she did yet another wonderful job with it.  The red 'A' makes me wonder if there's a story behind it though...

Myrt completed this Christmas Tree Ornament while she was in class and then moved onto another one with even more pieces to it.  Another great job with flawless execution!

Terry also worked on another Christmas Window which features a large bow perched atop a white poinsettia.  Again, this is Terry's design and again she's done a beautiful job with the patterns creation.

Ann's latest Cross Window is officially ready for its final border.   She got the first one attached and then added a clear second border which is very hard to see in the picture.   Once the third and final border is attached you'll be able to more easily appreciate just what she accomplished this week.

And Becky S got her flowers all tacked together.  One that was accomplished we slid her clear background glass under the finished piece and then carefully traced around everything.  We then took the glass out from under the window and used a ruler to precisely add grid lines to the clear glass.  Everything has now been cut and a lot of it is already ground.  Once the pieces are wrapped in foil you'll easily see how all this extra work has paid out.

Betty's got so much of her Fleur De Lis cut and ground that I can see the end of this project fast approaching.   This week she learned how to cut and fit the bevels into the open, circular sections of the FDL.  Many people love this window but don't understand why certain pieces HAVE to be cut from certain pieces of glass.   The extreme closeup nature of the window gives it a wonderful look but the bigger picture is definitely obscured.  One day soon we'll discuss how this window looks with a wider field of view.

Carol made this cute Frog Night Lite while she was in class but it's a little different from the last one she made.  In this one the eyes are actually soldered into the frog body-- only the hearts have been tacked on top of the rest of the piece.    I'm not entirely sure but there may be a wire mouth that gets added to this as well.  Time will certainly tell.

Susan R completed an Easter Bunny last week and then went to work on this NOEL suncatcher.   She's made excellent progress and has decided to use clear glass for her fill-in pieces to make the suncatcher to support itself without bending in half.  Although there's still a week left to go before Christmas gets here I have a sneaking suspicion that this is being made for Christmas 2017...

Linda L loves all thinks Mickey so she began cutting glass for a Santa Mickey Mouse Window this week.  She's already made great progress and you can really get a feel for what this will look like when it is completed since a lot of this is cut out already.

Mary Grace got her red letter 'A' completed and then went to work on her yellow version of the same window.  She's got all the glass cut out and will surely finish it while at home.  Mary Grace is feeling more confident with her work and it's really showing with every step now.

Sheri has all of the pieces to her Peacock window all cut and tacked into place.  She'll be soldering this over the holidays and even though the final channel isn't attached (she's making this window without any borders) she'll be able to flip it over to get the back side soldered after the front is finished.  If she gets it all soldered we'll add the zinc channel to this when she returns.

Linda F continued working in her Autumn Leaves Window and she now has all of the glass attached and tacked together.  Before she left for the year she got a brass channel attached as well so this window is all ready to be soldered.


Shelley made sure to bring her pattern along with her and managed to get all of the glass cut out for her three legged cat window that her son has drawn.   We'll be applying a face onto the cat with paint when it's finished which won't be long now.


Susan D almost got her second Christmas Tree completed.  What's left she'll easily do at home so consider this project a done deal.

Next we take a look at the second Christmas Ornament that Myrt was working on this week.   She has it all cut out already which means that all she has to do is grind all of these tiny pieces until they fit together to form her newest tree decoration!

And lastly we look at the picture that I took last week of Lynn M's Tree Of Life window.  Somehow I managed to let her slip out with her window before I could haul out my camera.  She's almost got it all ground and it's looking wonderful so I'm thinking that very shortly after the New Year Lynn will have this completed.

And that wraps things up for 2016.  It's hard to believe that it's flown by so quickly but when you look at all of the projects that have been finished this year it's hard to believe that so much could have been accomplished in such a short amount of time!  We want to wish all of our students and readers the very Merriest Christmas possible and we also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year as well.   We won't be back until the third week of the new year but I promise that we'll have plenty to show you and that it will be well worth the wait!  Take care, we'll see you soon!

Paul and Russ

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