Monday, January 6, 2020

Easing In To It

Happy New Year and welcome to our first post of 2020.  We only had 2 classes towards the end of the week so this is going to be a quick one. 

These Linked Bevel Squares always turn heads when they are hanging in the sun so I decided to make another set.   They look complex but in reality the hardest thing about  them is figuring out how to wrap them safely for transportation since they tend to flip around a lot when they aren't hanging up.  Lots of careful wrapping is the answer along with a box that has enough room to accommodate the bevels and all of that wrapping!

MiMi completed cutting out all of the glass for her Round Heron Window and then she moved on over to a grinder to begin fitting all of her pieces in place.  This is going to be a gorgeous window and I think Mimi is going to have it completed before you know it.

Roxane is back for the new year and she's resumed work on the Penguin Window that she started in the midst of 2019.  When she came in this week she still had grinding to do but by the time she left she had everything not only ground but wrapped as well.  She certainly hasn't lost her touch!


Jeanne M decided that she wanted to make a Mardi Gras Mask Suncatcher and got all of her glass cut out and ground.  She's begun wrapping her pieces and only has 2 more left to go before she can tack this together and then add a nose in the center.  Yes, I suspect that this will be completed upon her return.


Angie began working on a Peacock Panel and by the time class was finished she had cut out all of her glass.  Her next step will take place in front of a glass grinder and since Angie has proven to be a quick grinder I'm thinking a background will be added to this before you know it.


Jeannette is working on a Framed Wedding Invitation and in just three hours she got the invitation sandwiched between two pieces of clear glass, got a first border attached, and then got the final border attached with a trim of brass channel along the edges for good measure.   There's no doubt that this will be completed upon her return.

Kerry is making a Beer Window and started this while he was home.   When he came in to class he had most (but not all) of it cut out.  By the time he left class not only was it all cut out but it was very close to being completely ground as well.    I think Kerry has the hang of this now.

And last but not least we take a look at Lara's window.  I've always loved this design and her colors are perfect.  Because of the straight lines that run throughout the background we both decided that it would be best to cut the background after the rest of this has been wrapped and tacked.  And wouldn't you know it, Lara got it all wrapped before calling it a night!  Look for background to be added to this when we see it again.

Yes, it was a small post but next week will surely see things return back to normal because all 30 of our students are expected to return to class and thirty students can yield a LOT of windows!!

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