Monday, April 26, 2021

Glen Campbell

I don't have a tip worked out for this week so let's just jump right into the windows that were completed.  Jeannette finished her Fleur De List Mardi Gras and I know numerous students are even more in love with this pattern now that they've seen it completed.   I think Jeannette may have started a trend with this gorgeous design and her perfect color placement.

 Barbara's small Louisiana Iris Panel features an incredible piece of purple glass that really makes this window shine.  Big things can come from small designs as this demure 7 inch window surely proves.
Betty completed her latest Fleur De Lis Suncatcher which utilizes a beautiful clear textured glass for the FDL.  The amber glass that she used to encircle the Fleur De Lis only makes the texture stand out all the more.
MiMi has been working like a mad woman on her 'Hexagon' Cabinet Door inserts and here we get to see four of them installed in one corner of the room.   Please remember that this is NOT chicken wire but individual pieces of assorted textured glass.  The fact that people on Facebook thought that this was chicken wire proves how exact MiMi's cutting and soldering skills are!
Linda F put the finishing touches on her Sunflower Hoop Suncatcher and she went with a nice orangy color scheme offset by plain silver lead.

Mary Grace tacked the butterfly that she made last week into an 8 inch hoop, added some antennae and a hook, and took this latest hoop pattern home as a completed project.  It's delightful for sure!

Ann finished her repair of a window she made back in 2014.  This was her first repair and it was a tough one since all four of the clear background pieces were broken.  Even with all those breaks against it, Ann was able to fix it and make it look as good as new.
Tracey is able to knock out a Butterfly  Lawn Ornament in a single night and this is all the proof you need of that.


Susan R has all of the leaves cut out for the bottom layer of her 3D Sculpture and she even has them ground already as well.   She's going to finish this leaf section entirely and once that's completed she'll attach the 3D flowers and insects to really give this a shot of color and pizazz.

Sheri began cutting glass for her calming Yoga Window and got quite a lot accomplished.   She's waiting for blue and amber to come in and the amber is here already so i know we'll see the body of this window cut out when we next see this. 

Shawn began cutting glass on her Diver Window and managed to get all of the water cut out as well as the ground on the bottom of the ocean.  She's mixed two similar blues for the water which is always a wonderful effect and if you look closely you can already see the subtle differences even while this is resting on the pattern.

Mary Grace completed her Butterfly Hoop and then began working on this multi-colored Owl.  It's all cut out save for the eyes which will be cut into place after this has been ground and tacked together.  That's a nice amount of work done quickly and efficiently.

Kerry has made excellent headway on his Eagle Flag Pentagon Window getting everything cut  save for the final border.  It's hard to see but he's cut 5 clear textured background pieces of glass so that this window will be square when it's finished.

Annette began grinding her Falcons Skull Window and got everything fitting together nicely.  She still needs to grind the three pieces that make up the cap but she's still unsure about what she plans to do there in terms of color and possibly having something etched into the glass.
Judy finished grinding her Texas Cowboy boots and then set upon wrapping all of the pieces she ground.   She's working from the bottom to the top and I suspect that we will see this completely wrapped when we see it again.
Linda F also worked on her Bears Roasting Marshmallows Window and now has it all wrapped and tacked together along with the border.  It won't be long now before this is a completed project.

Lara's got the right cactus  of her flower  pot window cut out and she'll be ready to cut out another flower when she returns again.   Due to the coloring of the pattern it's hard to see just what she accomplished but that only proves that she's doing great great job cutting! 
Martha decided to go with a double border on her Pelican Window so she started with a small clear textured glass inner border and then followed that with a beautiful amber larger border.   Soldering this will be easy for Martha so this should be finished within 2 weeks.
Linda L has all 8 sections of her Panel Lamp cut, ground and wrapped.  That means that she'll be ready to tack this together and finish it off when she comes back in.
Jan's Art Nouveau Window is all tacked together save for its final border.  Her double border was a great idea and I especially like seeing the thin amber/gold border inside the main piece come back again as another thin (but slightly wider) inner border.   Perfection!
With four windows installed MiMi left class this week with another window all cut and ground.  The next step will be wrapping all of these bad boys!


Angie began work on a Cross/Rose Window and by the time class was finished she had it cut out, ground and even wrapped.   When it comes to working quickly there's not a moment wasted with Angie. 
Cindy has the large triangles on the front of her Bicycle Wheel Spinner all filled in and is getting ready to flip this on over to the backside where she'll repeat the process and then wrap this project up.

Belinda has all but the tail feathers of her Cardinal cut and ground but she's going to tack this together before tackling those final pieces.   Once nothing can shift out of place she'll cut the feathers as one large piece of glass, grind it to fit within the opening, and then split the large piece into individual feathers.
Betty has the front side soldered on her 4th of July Garden Gnome leaving only the back left to go.   Now that the lines have been leaded you can clearly see the red, white, and blue star that this guy is holding.
And wrapping things up here we see that Susan D has her Spring Pattern all drawn up and ready to go.  It's going to take a bit of time for her to get this one finished but she's planning to hang this next year, not this year.   When I first saw her pattern I thought it could perfectly fit into an adult coloring book due to the complexity.
 See what I mean!

And that's what happened during the last week in our shop.


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