Monday, October 18, 2021

Jim and The Twins

Here's something that I've discovered not many people know when it comes to these blog posts.  If you click on a picture you will get an enlarged view of it!   I usually crop each image so that it is 400 pixels high or 400 pixels wide, whichever is bigger.   Any of the projects that I post which are not yet completed can be seen in a larger view if you just click on the image.  That said, I try to post any finished pieces of stained glass in their large size which means that clicking on it won't give you a bigger view.   The exception there is when two or more items are shown in the same picture.  In short, any images of projects currently under construction can be enlarged by clicking on it as well as images that contain more than one project such as Cindy's Corner Spider Webs below.  

Here are Cindy's pair of Spiderweb Corner Decorations.   Made from a single piece of clear textured iridized glass they are quite simple and incredibly quick to make.  The best part of these is that the colors come out randomly on their own because of the nature of iridized glass.  Click on them to see a bigger version.



Up next we have Cheryl's Scales Of Justice Window.   She's used some dark glass in this and since she comes in a night it was difficult to get this to light up correctly from behind.   The best picture I could get had to be front lit, but you get the idea.  Week by week Cheryl is getting better and better at this.

I love this Wednesday Addams Suncatcher that Kerry made, start to finish, in just one class.  Some students have suggested that a face be drawn on it but I found a picture online and photoshopped it on to Kerry's project only to discover that it made Wednesday took creepy in a very bad way.   Thus, I wouldn't change a thing about this.
Betty made a wonderful Leaf Collage and then took that idea to the next level by making a Leaf Wreath.  Both utilize a hoop but one is visible while the hoop that makes the Leaf Wreath so stable is completely hidden.  I love the delicate look of this surprisingly strong wreath.
Next we have Linda F's latest Butterfly Flower Pot Ornament.  What exactly IS a Flowerpot Ornament?  It's a suncatcher, in this case a three dimensional suncatcher, that has been mounted on a small stake that you push into the soil of any flower pot that you want the butterfly to adorn.   The next time one of these are completed I'll be sure to show the stake as well.  
Sheri made her own Beehive Suncatcher this week and she went with assorted ambers for the different levels of the hive.  The wire work that she did on her bee antennae proves to me that she's capable of bending wire to any shape that she may ever need.
Cindy also knocked out this LSU Tiger Eye Football which she said was fairly easier to make.   I've got to warn you though-- while the Spider Web Corner Decorations are very easy indeed, this Tiger Eye is not something a beginner would want to tackle even if Cindy makes it look easy.  
Linda F also completed a Beehive of her own.  She went with a single colored hive which proves that you don't have to perfectly match pieces that you see online, or follow the colors that might be listed on a pattern.  It's gorgeous!
Our last finished pieces are two more of Betty's Dragonflies made using silverware for the Dragonfly's bodies.   She's given two pieces of her 'decapitated' silverware to two other students so I think we'll be seeing more of these in the weeks to come especially since Betty has three more sets of wings cut out herself.

Lisa was very busy cutting out the glass for four Unicorn Suncatchers while she was in this week.   Once they were cut she decided to call it a day so she could grind them at home where she could work at her leisure throughout the week.

Annette says that she's making Christmas gifts from here on out until the New Year.  This week she decided to begin an Angel and got her all cut out and ready to be ground.  Next week you'll better see how this looks when all of the pieces fit together perfectly.

Jan has the 'Holiday Fevers' as well.  I say 'fevers' in the plural form because she hasn't settled on just one holiday but two!   Here are what her Christmas Witch and Halloween Santa looked like after she got them all ground.  Wait a minute, maybe I should put those holidays the other way around on these characters!  
With all of the glass cut out for her Louisiana Hot Sauce Window Judy moved on over to the grinder and started grinding her pieces from the bottom up.   At the end of class she said that she wished she had started from the top and worked her way down but I like to do the toughest part first so that things get easier as I move along.   With her table, oyster and peppers nearly completely ground the rest of this will move along much faster and easier for her.

Ann is making a HUGE dent in her 'Christmas Suncatchers to be made' list by getting five ornaments (each different) ground and wrapped.   I even think we'll be seeing some of these completed when she comes back in next week.
Meanwhile, Shawn cut put two more Christmas Ornaments of her own  which she plans on grinding next week.   Ornaments are apparently the thing to make and when they look this good it's no wonder!

Well, well, well, what have we here?  Six more ornaments!  Susan D is ready to wrap these, solder them and hang them on a tree or in a window.   If you click on the picture to enlarge it you'll see that she's already begun wrapping these.
Speaking of 'Susans', next up we have Susan R's Bathtub Lady in the round.  However, as you can see she's literally put a twist on this circular design by adding a simple but ornate scrolling art nouveau trim to the top side which REALLY sets it all off!  With only a little bit of soldering left to go Susan should be finished with this when we see it again. 
With everything wrapped and the front side tacked together Belinda got her border cut out and plans to wrap and attach it while at home.   Once that's done she'll be ready to begin the soldering phase of her Flowerpot Window.  True, there isn't any channel on this window yet but that should be applied AFTER the front side has been soldered and preferably the back side as well.  It's all comes down to stability, especially with a window this long.
MiMi's first thin 'beehive' window has its front side soldered and a row of two of the back side as well.  We've attached the channel to this so MiMi can possibly finish it during the next two weeks so that she can start grinding another window this exact same size when she comes back in.  That won't happen next week though because MiMi is a travelin' gal and she'll be out of state.
Here we have another project that has been flipped over so the second side can be soldered.   Melissa's Butterfly and Louisiana Iris Window is so very close to being completed that I'm going to call it and say that the next time we see this it WILL be finished.  I can't wait to see this with some light behind it and that wait won't be long now.
Mary got her Mary all ground this week and the profile of Mary's face is spot on.  I've seen these made all over the internet and most times the face is where people screw things up.   She's supposed to have a nose because Mary is pictured in profile, alas most times I see a strange lumpy mess.  I'm proud to say that doesn't happen in our classes because our students take their time to do things right like Mary did here.

When we last discussed Linda L's last Angel window I told you about how she was going to re-cut the wings so she could sell it to someone who requested purple wings after she had started this.   Then he decided we wanted the robes to be cut from either teal or turquoise glass.   With that much to re-cut I wondered if Linda would just opt to make an entirely new window.  As you can see, she's re-made the window and will be keeping the pink robed angel for herself.   With everything cut and ground for the new Teal Angel, I can honestly say that Linda has made some seriously quick work of this.
Lastly, I believe that this freshly started Beehive belongs to Betty, but it could belong to either Linda or Sheri as well. My best guess is Betty though because I seem to recall cutting two pieces out for her.  It's Hell getting old!
And that's that!







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