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I'd Like To Solve The Puzzle Please

Due to a few back issues that I'm having we're just going to dive right into our students work this week.   We'll start with Robert's Door Insert, his first project ever,  which he completed almost effortlessly.  He has one more of these to make but a lot of it is already cut out so it will surely go quickly.   Here's the finished window.

And here's that same window temporarily put into place.  Even with the right hand window missing you can plainly see that this looks WONDERFUL.  Together the pair will certainly add a lot of elegance to the doors and therefore Robert's home!
Let's newest window proves that she wastes no time when it comes to getting these Flower Panels hanging in her house.  She's actually made a series of these double bordered flowers and I'm starting to believe she's already found a signature design of her very own.
Judy finished her second Opened Arms Angel and it's plainly evident that she's done a great job with her.  Or should I say 'it' because the common belief now days is that angels have no gender.  That said, when angels appear to people in the Bible they're always seen as men. And when they were given names the names are always masculine. But this is about stained glass and stained glass is about art and beauty so we're going to say this Judy's Angel has gorgeous hair and that she's lovely.  

Betty has a friend that had an LSU Plaque that needed some repair work done on it.  Betty loved the pattern but the pattern as it was had numerous design flaws (perhaps leading to its needing repair work done on it).  So I altered the design here and there and we now have a pattern that is both easier to make and is also far more structurally sound.  Here's Betty's version and rest assured you'll be seeing more of these in the weeks to come.  

Susan R finished her final four Easter Eggs just in time for the holiday.  These have a stake that come out from the bottom which allows you to secure them into a flower pot.  Normally you don't see the stake but I've got these lit from behind to help show off the colors that Susan picked but unfortunately that light also reveals the stakes in these pictures.  In normally circumstances you won't see any hint of the stakes on the front of these cute eggs.

Number 11 is out of the shop and ready to be installed!  We're down to the final three (or should I say that MiMi is down to the final three!) and that third one is already under way.   I wonder how many Hexalongs MiMi will have left over when she finished this HUGE set of windows?  I'll have to think up something that she can do with any remaining pieces.

Betty certainly keeps busy and this Owl and Sunflower Heart were completed along side her LSU panel this week.  She may not be making two of everything anymore but she's usually got three projects under construction so maybe we'll change her nick name from Twofer Better to Threefer Betty!

Now we're at the point where we look at projects that are still under construction.  As I said I might in our last post, I've re-worked June's Rooster so that there aren't any sharp points cutting into other pieces of glass which would need to be deeply ground out using a small grinding wheel (which takes forever to use). The end result of the re-draw looks every bit as cute as the original design and June's Rooster is going to look wonderful while only requiring half the work.

Kerry wanted to make a Shrimp-de-lis window but we couldn't find that pattern among the hundreds of patterns that we have (that's no exaggeration).  We have a bit of an order to all those patterns and even though we've both seen the Shrimp-de-lis recently it was not turning up so in the end I just squared up and printed out the picture of the window that Patty made years ago.  With a  print out in hand Kerry was able to start.  At the end of the class he had everything cut out so this looks like it will be another quick window for him.

What we have here are two Spinners that Lisa has cut out.   One is a Flower while the other is a Geometric Design.   What looks like eight pieces of cut glass are actually 48 pieces of glass because she has each design stacked six high.  I have no doubt that these will be put together in no time at all because if there's one thing that Lisa loves to do it's working on her stained glass.

You might think that this is another spinner, and I'm only just realizing that it could be, but this is Cheryl's 3D Birdhouse.  She has the first of two side panels tacked together and the second one is all cut out and waiting to be ground.   She'll be working on the front and rear panels before you know it!

Steve has two more large Multicolored Panels to make for his Lantern.  You can find these lanterns at a lot of home decor stores. Just pop out the boring, uninspired glass that comes with them and replace it with a pattern of your choice.   Steve's going for a Piet Mondrian themed design and it's coming together quickly.  (Who says you can't learn things here in our Blog??)
Meanwhile Cindy's Coffee Themed Address Transom  has officially been joined together into one HUGE window.  All it needs now are two borders and she'll start working on those upon her return.  This is going to be a fun one to clean when it's finished!

Our next transom Window is a little more manageable in size although large also.   Annette got all of the center initial oval of her window cut and ground save for the background glass.   She's going to cut that once the oval has been tacked together along with the M.  Doing it that way ensures a quick easy fit like we saw Martha achieve just last week.
Sheri's got a large splash of color in her Heart Cross and now that the center has been ground she'll foil this and add a small border along the edges.  Although the outside edge appear to consist of 90 degree angles, there are actually eight 90 degree angles and four hypotenuses (the opposite of 90 degrees).  The difference is oddly vexing but because of that difference it will most likely be easier to tap a solder bead around the edge rather than trying to use channel.  We might get into what that's all about next week but before we do I'm going to think it through and see which way will work best.
This may look familiar but it's not quite a duplicate of the Angel that you saw Judy complete earlier in this post.  This one is  actually a distant cousin because when you put them side by side you'll see that although they are similar there are differences between them.   'She' is still beautiful though and Judy made excellent progress on this in just one class.
Yes, Susan D officially has all of the toughest parts of her window completed.  The only thing left to cut is the background glass and perhaps she'll do that AFTER this is wrapped and tacked.  Some people hate to jump around on their projects but I tend to do things in an order where I can cut down on the grinding since I find it to be the least enjoyable part of making stained glass.  Either way, I know that this will turn out to be incredible.
Shelley's Mermaid window is also coming together and only needs a few filler pieces along with a border to finish it off.  This one will be swimming out of here very soon.

Here's another LSU Plaque that is currently under construction by Linda F.  I told you that we'd be seeing more of these-- I can't tell you how many of these patterns I've passed out already and now that we're seeing them on the blog I'm certain more students will want to make them.

Ann's got another Large  modern Cross under construction and I'll bet anything that this is not only completed when she comes back in but that she'll also have something else underway as well.   She cut all of her glass, ground it AND foiled everything in just two and a half hours.  Look out, this cross is barreling towards the finish line!

Shawn's got a window that is very timely in its diversity.  Look at all of those arms holding flowers or (in one case) simply posing with a sign of peace.  This might sound odd but Shawn carefully considered the colors for the nails on each hand and in the end she chose... wisely!    If, by chance, I don't have a new, better looking flower drawn up for the upper right corner Shawn can begin grinding these arms, but I think I'll have things looking better and that she'll be able to start cutting the new flower when she returns.

With the front of her Yellow Rose  completely soldered and only the rose bud left to be soldered on the back of her window, Martha is just about set to take this along home with her.  I have no doubt that will happen next week as we really only need to put a channel around this and then wash it and color it to finish it off.

And here is the first of Linda L's Beach Windows ready to get a crab.  That will be dropped into place next week and then this will essentially be finished!  This looks nice now but just wait until you see it with the crab dropped into place because it's going to become a focal point.

And there you have it!


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