Monday, October 31, 2022

Pepperidge Farms Remembers

Susan D's Halloween Window was finished just in time for Halloween.  Designed all by herself, this window makes ME proud so I can't begin to imagine what it does for Susan! I just love it when students come up with their own original patterns.

Judy's Amish Girl is stunning in its simplicity.  She also finished it inside of two weeks (save for the washing and coloring of it) which proves just how good a student Judy is.
Ann's Mother Mary and Child is stunning and her color choices set it apart from other similar windows that we've seen.  I always tell students not to limit themselves to colors that you see a previously made window done in, and Ann switched this one up nicely.
Let's Angel Suncatcher is the first of its kind and I've already printed the pattern out for numerous students already.  When something looks this good you have to expect it to catch on and avalanche into at least a few more iterations!  
Let also completed her version of the latest Geometric Window which is making the rounds.  This is another window that knows no boundaries when it comes down to color and/or color placement for that matter.
Martha's Angel Wings/Heart was made both quickly and efficiently.  I gave her the option of making something similar but simpler but she knew what she wanted and stuck to her guns.  Two weeks later she walked out the door with this beautiful suncatcher.
After many, many months of working on hexagons followed by a few weeks of repair work, MiMi has started a window where she'll have to make a lot of cuts that aren't straight lines!   It doesn't look as though she's lost her touch though because in just one class she's made some serious headway on her first of her pair of Traditional Windows.

And Kerry is far along with his 'Fleur De Vee' Window which he also began this week.  He's got it all cut out and has even managed to begin grinding this wholly original window that I think looks VERY elegant.

Betty is making a second version of a window that she made a few years back that I had honestly completely forgotten about.  In fact, I had to sort through old pictures to see what colors she used when she first made this.   She's well into this already and her curved outer pieces all curve beautifully without any hints of jaggedness.


Susan R began cutting out a 3D Pansy and is all set to grind this for a perfect fit.  There are many overlapping layers to this-- largely to overcome the number of almost impossible cuts that would be required to make this as a flat project.  As I often tell people, "It's glass, not paint!"
Betty also worked on a Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus panel which actually started off as a suncatcher.  In the end she decided to put a background around it and next week she'll add a final border.   And she's also got another Christmas Candle in the works as well!
Lisa loves to work outside of the box (so to speak) and this week she began working on a 3D Flower Table Decoration.  As you can see she's got it all cut out, wrapped and tacked together meaning that all she needs to do now is solder together the three layers that make this.

With Christmas just around the corner Roxane is working on the third panel to her large Nativity Window Scene.   What you see below will form the right side of her overall window.  Once this is completed she will cut the pieces that join all three of the sections together.


Cindy's Sewing Machine is moving along at break neck speed!  I'm expecting to see this completed upon her return to class next week.

Angie's pair of Cross/Hearts are another project that I'm sure will be among our completed projects in our next post.   With only border pieces left to wrap and tack, these won't take long at all to solder.
Melissa's poor Bird House needs a roof! The good news is that we now know what we are doing to get it attached and that means that there are only six pieces left to be cut before Melissa gets to finish this and take it home (next week). 
Susan D's working on more tiny stained glass items that she'll use to decorate her hand sewn items.  What does that mean?  Well, just keep coming back over the weeks to come I'll show you!  Do you see a Rabbit, a Fox, and a Squirrel down below because I sure do.

Linda F's Magnolia Window is another window that has taken form so incredibly quickly.  And her work on it is absolutely flawless.   I'm dying to see what color border she picks to surround this but if I had to put money down on it I'd have to guess that it will be green.

Linda L's Christmas Bells is a Window that she must really be excited about making because she's practically raced through the cutting, grinding and foiling parts of making this.   And her work is flawless!  I also think that she enjoys working in her new glass shop as well!

With only a few missing pieces to fill in on her Cardinal Window Cheryl has begun wrapping all of the pieces that she ground in the past few weeks.  Once that is done she'll tack this together and then fill in those holes by placing glass under her window and tracing out perfect pieces to fill those holes.

Martha's Christmas Grinch Window is yet another project that is quickly nearing completion.   All the glass has been cut which means that she's only got some soldering to do to wrap this up in time for Christmas.
Jan's made some exceptional progress on her  Our Lady of Guadalupe window and it's looking like she'll be able to start wrapping her pieces in copper foil before you know it.  With most of the grinding behind her you can clearly see how this window will look when it's completed.

Mary Grace is working diligently on soldering the back side of her second Peacock Window and I'm thinking that it won't be long now.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she'll complete the soldering on this during her next class and then finish up the cleaning and coloring on this the following week.

As I suspected, Barbara's Hibiscus Window will surely be done within the time frame that she needed it done in.     All of the glass has been cut and all she needs to do now is tack the border on and then solder everything.  She's taken this along home with her and who knows-- perhaps it will end up as a completed project when she returns with it.
Check it out!  Shawn's Hera Window looks great already without even having the bottom third wrapped and tacked into place.  She'll be foiling when she comes back in and then it's just a simple matter of adding a border (or two) to this and then soldering it to finish it off.


Steve spent his class designing a Fleur De List pattern.  He's come up with two similar yet entirely different ideas which he will show to his customer during the week.   There's just something about the round one that really catches my eye though...

Let doesn't mess around.  Here you can see she's begun yet another Geometric design!  There might not be much to see right now but there certainly will be next week when we see this again.

And to wrap things up this week we'll look at the pattern that Sheri is about to begin working on.  It may look familiar because it's the same pattern that Betty is working on only two inches smaller.  Apparently ovals are in now.
That all folks!


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