Monday, May 12, 2008

Port Allen House

Everyone has been wondering just how these windows looked when we installed them so this post will hopefully answer that question.

There’s an upstairs balcony with 3 walls that overlooks the back yard. There are two windows that we made trellis designs with some bright orange stained glass Golden Trumpet Flowers. This is the left side window:

The right side window was a mirror image of the other but the flowers, leaves and vines were drawn independently from the 1st window and positioned differently so that the two windows would match without being identical.

The master bathroom had one thin window sitting above the Jacuzzi-Bath that we filled with stained glass as well. I loved the fact that the bath has no faucet. If you look at the ceiling you’ll see the spigot that the water pours into the bath from. I thought it might splash water after falling from that height but it doesn’t.

Here’s a better view of the window itself. I regret to say that there were stickers on the outside of the windows that we couldn’t remove before taking the picture. You can see their shadow on the left side of the window. (The master bathroom is located on the second floor of the house and we had no way to reach it from the outside.)

The Office was built around 4 windows that were made for the house when it was first constructed. We matched the glass and the bevels of these original windows to create the other 9 pieces that would rest in the 2 new newly constructed walls that make the office. This is the entrance wall with 5 of the 9 windows that we made.

Here’s a closeup of the transom above the doorway to the office.

The right wall of the office already had 4 beveled windows on it so we matched the design and the glass and repeated it on the newly constructed left wall.

Here’s the left wall again as seen from outside the office from the living area of the house.

Which brings us to the biggest windows of the house located in the dining room. Although there are only 3 windows here they are by far the largest ones in the house. The center panel is 5 foot wide by 6 foot tall. Here’s a shot of them in the darkened dining room.

Here we are with some lights on so you can get an idea of the size of these windows.

And here they are from the right side of the dining room table. You can see some color variances though out the pictures here that are hard to correct. The path in the center window is actually more of an amber color than the pictures show.

I hope this helps give you a feel of the house and of the work that we did for it. Although it took a while I feel the end result was VERY much worth it. And the owners were thrilled with all of the windows.

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