Sunday, May 18, 2008

Steering Clear Of Rotten Bananas

Gerald has completed the first of his four part 'study' of an LSU tiger. :-) The series will be installed in the four windows that make up a garage door. This will be the far right window while the far left window will show the tiger's tail. Hopefully we'll be able to post a picture of the four windows when they are all installed. Once again this is another job well done by Gerald.
It's finished! After about 7 weeks of hard work you can now see that it was worth every minute. Lea's beveled window sparkles unbelievably when the sun hits it. I only wish the sun were out when I was trying to take a picture of it! Even without the sun this window comes alive. Job well done, Lea!
Sheila got to work soldering her Fruit Bowl Window and finished the first side. She's taken right to the soldering process and the front needed very little touching up. I have no doubt in my mind that we'll see this one finished and hanging up next week.
Cheryl cut out all the white for her Wind/Sun/Moon Window. We've come to realize that for some reason white glass has become a 'beach' to cut . It's very hard and breaks wherever it wants to. After grinding all her pieces she traced out all the blue Wind sections which she'll tackle next week. She brought her white pieces home with her to wrap so next week we'll see some foil around the glass she ground this week.
Grace had a dilemma when the glass she had picked for her border hadn't arrive yet. Rather than waste a night she started another project-- a small beveled window like Cheryl had made 2 weeks ago or so. Grace got all but 4 pieces cut, ground, wrapped and tacked before the night ended so that means this one will be finished next week for sure. And we should have her red glass in for the border of her large window as well.
Mary Lyn was back in class with a vengeance! She picked out a lot of the glass she'll be using, cut out her paper pattern pieces, traced and cut out all of her bowl and then got a good portion of the fruit cut for good measure. I suspect that this one will be finished shortly since she's flying through it! I'm curious to see what color she's going to use for her inner border.
Fran managed to get her borders cut and attached on both of her Fleur De Lis Windows. One window has a green border and the second is made of black baroque. After some brass channel was added to the edges she began to solder. She's taken them home with her and there's a good chance we'll see these finished next week.

Barbara began working on her newest window with a humming bird design. We fleshed out the pattern a little to give it some more depth by replacing a lot of the straight lines with curves. Since Barbara is set up to do work at home she's taken her project home to work on it throughout the week. I can't wait to see what she comes back with.

That pretty much sums up what happened here! Look for more activity in the weeks to follow...

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