Friday, October 23, 2009

Breathing To Lose Weight

Cheryl has another LSU window under her belt. I've always liked the tiger eyes window and combining it with the standard LSU design makes this window really catch your eye. Cheryl finished soldering this in class which means that she'll be starting something new next week. I believe she may be making beveled boxes...

Janices window is really taking shape now. With the three sections of the flag taked together she bgan working out the best way to cut the background pieces. Although I didn't think it would be possible we were able to get all of the background out of just 2 sheets of glass. It took some juggling and even then it was close but it's a done deal now. Janice is just 3 borders away from completing this window.

Grace has decided to skip to a smaller more simple project this week. It's a wedding box design but instead of using a wedding invitation she'll have the lyrics to a song printed out and encased in glass. She'll be bringing the actual lyrics next week and we should make some serious headway into the box then. Right now she has one of the flowers cut.

That was about it this week. Jane's pattern came in for the 2 lamps she'll be working on so I expect to see a lot of pieces building up in Jane's corner soon.

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