Monday, October 19, 2009

Julie Is a Soldering Wiz!

The first week of October was somewhat slow in class but we're starting to pick up again. That said, I'd best get caught up here.

Grace wasn't able to make it in because she had to work. Janice didn't have the red glass to continue with her project so rather than start working on her next window she decided to help Grace by soldering the second side of her window. By the time the night was over the second side was completed and ready for a zinc channel and a bath. Here's the second side of Grace's window unwashed. We will see this one completed next week.

Patty made an incredible amount of progress on her window. She traced out her pattern, cut the paper pattern up and then traced the leaves, flowers and bird onto their respective pieces of glass. Then she picked up her cutter and got everything cut out! She'll be grinding this next week.
Julie tacked her border onto her window and then began soldering the front side. She was a little nervous about soldering (everyone starts off that way) but after she had done a line or two she had the hang of it. Right around the time Patty was finishing cutting her glass Julie was finishing the front side of her window. She'll have the second side completed next week and get a look at the finished window!Come back tomorrow to see Grace and Julies windows completed and ready to hang!

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