Monday, October 5, 2009

The Home Stretch

It was a quiet week this time around but that doesn't mean nothing was accomplished. Janice cut the white and blue backgrounds for her window leaving only the red left to go before the majority of the work is completed on this project.

Julie is finished with all the glass cutting for her window. She took her border pieces home to wrap and will begin soldering her window next week. You can already get a good feel for this window even though the border is just lying next to the rest of the window.

Grace continued soldering the second side of her window. Here's one of the finished corners that she was working on.

And Cheryl cut and ground the LSU section of her window. Once these are tacked together it will just need a border to finish it off.

Patty wasn't able to make it in this week but this is the pattern I think she's going to end up working on . It may receive a minor tweak or two but this will give you a general idea of what her first project will be.

We didn't have any finished projects this week and I doubt we'll see any in the next post either, but after that we should start to see completed windows filling up the Blog again.

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