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July 29th - A Fishy Situation

Welcome to our Blog where once again we're behind by a number of weeks (months! in fact.) The windows we'd been working on tied us up in ways I can't begin to describe and although there were times when I thought that canceling classes might be a good idea we stuck it out and did what we always do: manage. Now we're ready to play catch up on here again. The following postings will be brief and to the point but you'll get to see what transpired each week and how far along each project progressed. So without further ado...

Monique completed her fish window! The eyes are actually solder blobs held in place with a thin (but sturdy) wire that attaches it to the nearest lead line. Monique did a wonderful job and we've missed her here in class since she finished her window. Hello Monique!

Mary Lynn came back in to fix a broken piece of glass in the border of one of her windows. While she was here she cleaned all 4 of her windows and re-patina'ed them and re-waxed them as well. If you've forgotten what they look like or are new to reading the Blog since she made them you're in luck because I took pictures of them again. :-)

In one of our last class Blogs we had a special tribute to Suzie who just had a birthday. It's been so long since we've updated this that her birthday may be coming up yet again! Actually, this was the week that Suzie started making her latest window, a Caduceus. She's only one week into this and she has her snakes and wings cut out. Way to go!

Shira has her window tacked together and added her border which is ready to be wrapped and tacked. About the only left to do to this is solder it.

Roxie is making 2 LSU windows. It may not be the fanciest window but it's a very distinguished looking pattern. When the border gets attached I can guarantee that you'll ohh and ahh over it. :-)

If I'm not mistaken this is Patty's Sports Le Fleur window. Hers is a tad bit smaller than Graces but aside from size the patterns are the same. I really can't wait to see this completed because I think all the work in dealing with these tiny, thin pieces is going to come through in spades and make this a VERY nice window. (Oh who am I kidding? I've seen the windows completed and they ARE exceptional!)

Michele completed the background for the right side of her window. It's not very obvious in the thumbnail here but if you click on it you'll easily see how nice the background glass is.

Meanwhile Lisa managed to get her borders attached to both of her windows. That means that once we attach the brass channel to these next week (which will take all of 20 minutes) she'll be set to solder. These are almost done!

Janice is on her last window. That's right, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel! And since the center is all wrapped and tacked that means that this window is well under way. It won't be long before this is completed and Janice moves on to different windows!

Here's Grace's version of the Sports De Lis (hereafter known as the SDL). She's got the white trim all traced out and ready to be cut next week.

This is Cheryl's Turtle window and it's been so long I don't recall what she did to it this week! Looking back I can see now that she had soldered it during this particular week. All that's left for this one is a border and then the soldering of the back side. I'd call this window just about completed.

And lastly we have Bonnie's window. It was in pieces the last time we saw it but this week she came in with it all wrapped so we tacked it together, cut the 8 pieces that make up her background and then spend a good half-hour trying to find the perfect border glass for it. She tried everything and nothing really looked great. Some of the colors we looked at were Okay but nothing really stood out. Then we decided that a double border was in order for this window. A thin iridized white border which would then be framed with a larger border of the background glass. And as you can see, it was exactly what the window needed. She's taking the final border home with her to wrap and will begin soldering this next week.

That will do it for this installment. We'll be back again tomorrow with another update.

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