Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Dream Cruise

From Feb 1st thru the 8th Russ, Terry, Brenda, Cindy, Martha, Becky B and I set sail on the Carnival Dream. This was our third Stained Glass Cruise and although cutting glass was the last thing on our minds we did have a toast to Myrt and thought about what we'd be doing in class  had we been back home on Tuesday evening.   On this trip we hit Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Isla Roatan.

Our first stop was Cozumel and we got off the ship pretty quickly and got to the shopping area before it filled with people.  It looks quiet in this picture but that didn't last for long!

Here we are at our favorite stop in Cozumel, Woody's.  The food is great, the drinks are just right and the portions are GINORMOUS!  The ladies even got some bling from Nelly (the owner) before our meal was served.  You can't ask for a better time.

The door to our cabin was very recognizable.  I always remove the bottom dresser draw to look for any 'left-behinds'.  This time around we found a bikini top that we promptly used as a door decoration.  Our room was at the end of the corridor so many people saw it.  We had a few interesting comments, my favorite one occurring when a a somewhat tipsy older couple turned into the corridor and the man exclaimed, "There's the pink bra so I know we're in the right hallway!"

Here are Russ and Martha at the beach in Costa Maya.  Even though it was January the weather was beautiful there along the beach.

And you didn't have to lay out in the sun if you didn't want to.  There were plenty of trees and even a slew of canopy shades that resembled open front tents.  And drinks were plentiful.

Our last port was Mahogany Bay which had an incredibly nice (and large) shopping area that we spent most of the day wandering around.  Yes, there were a few dollars spent there as well but I found the prices to be more than reasonable (sometimes even cheap) for really nice artwork.

Here's our group at dinner on Elegant Night just before we ate our lobsters.  We all prefer the early dining (6:00-8:00) because it leaves the night open for us to enjoy shows, the casino, mini golf or any of the other countless activities available.  Also, dining earlier gives your belly a chance to settle down for any midnight buffets that may pop up!

(left to right: Brenda, Terry, Paul, Russ Martha, Cindy and Becky)

On Sea Days we liked to find a nice big table and sit ourselves down to play a few games of Chickenfoot (Spinner).  There's always something going on but sometimes you just want a nice quiet game amongst the group to stir up your adrenalin.  I can't recall who won overall but I believe it was either Brenda or Terry.

The last evening gave us a beautiful and very peaceful sunset.  I like to think of this as the calm before the storm of our normal, hectic lives that was about to set in the next day.


We all love the experience and we've already planned to do it again in 2016.  Information on where and when we're headed out can be found here.  Think about joining us-- it's not just about Stained Glass, it's about having fun.  And remember that even though we're traveling as a group we're not always together-- everyone is free to do their own thing while on the ship (and off).  But we do enjoy dining together at the end of the day in the Dining Room because our laughing never stops.  So shut up Martha!


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