Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Get It Away From My Glass

Again, I'm running late (due to a Workshop that we had over the weekend) so we're jumping right into things by taking a look at the beautiful 'Love' Window that Mary completed this week.  She took her time soldering and did a fantastic job on it.   She may have been out of class for a while but it's all coming back to her very quickly.


Let's face it, Tracey's Address Sign is spectacular!  And it's so much bigger than people think even though I keep saying that.  At close to 6 feet wide this is once impressive stained glass window.  Tracey's workmanship just gets better and faster with each passing project (as you'll see again a little further on in this post.)


We also have a new Lawn Ornament to look at this week and this was made by Mary Grace.   She did the majority of the work on this while she was at home and she certainly did a wonderful job with it.

Speaking of Lawn Ornaments, Rowena's got another Bumblebee Lawn Ornament under her belt this week.   Those iridised wings are certainly looking good!

Then Terry completed another Cross which matches the one she finished last week (save for the colors.)  She can really knock out a suncatcher and once this was finished she helped her sister, Brenda, work on her window during class.

This week we got to see Becky begin a series of three Geometric Windows by starting on the center window.   Since this is made of all straight cuts she's begun using the pistol grip cutter and a straight edge to ensure that everything runs true.   Becky's already got most of the center cut on the first panel and the pistol grip cutter is completely under her control.

Beth now has all of the glass cut for her Bird Of Paradise Window and has started grinding it.   She started in the bottom left hand bottom corner because that's where the square was placed on her pattern.  She's already doing great because as you can see, this is fitting together wonderfully.

Now this is going to be a wild window!   I know the subject matter may be a bit odd and Carol certainly wasn't sure about starting it but with each piece she adds to this Grateful Dead Logo she likes it a little bit more.  Me, I love it!


Brenda brought in her Freedom Prosthetics Window that she's been working on at home and what she came in with was breath taking.   Her text is absolutely perfect because  the top and bottom of each run of text were secured by straight edges.   Her cutting and grinding is flawless on the rest of this as well!

Tracey shocked me when she got two Breast Cancer Hearts cut, ground and ready to wrap by the end of class.  I was so busy I barely saw her but she walked out the door taking these along home with her so she can come back in next week and finish them off.  Outstanding work indeed!


Susan D's Tree Of Life Window is a variation of a pattern that we've seen done twice before.   This one is much taller and fuller (as redrawn by Susan) and as you can see she's done some incredible glass cutting work on it in just two short weeks.   Impressive!

Jan filled in the missing piece of background after she tacked her Poppies Window together and is all set to start squaring it off.   I thought I'd share something with you about her pattern this week See, when she sent me the size I'd mistakenly drawn it taller than wider.  When she looked at the pattern she said that it would never do soooo...

I ended up using the same pattern but shrunk down the height of the flowers and added a few more to stretch them out horizontally so that they would be right side up when the pattern was laid on its side.  Easy peasy!

Next we have Roy who resumed work on his Family Crest Window and now has two out of three of the main sections all cut out.  He's just got the background of the lion section left to go before he's able to start cutting his borders so I'm just going to come right out and say that he's making great time on this project.

Shelly got  all of the glass for her Buxom Wine Ladies cut out and is all set to begin grinding this delightful window.   Even in its un-ground state you can see how cute this is going to be.

Lara's New Orleans House is coming together quickly for her.   The colors may have had her a bit stumped but I think that she's doing just fine and I have no doubt that this will be stunning.  The ground floor certainly is!

Cindy's Rosie The Dog Window has its central subject almost complete save for the eyes and one patch of fur.   Once those pieces are tacked together she can move along to  some of the lettering (preferably the curved text on top so she can then get the background cut.)


Linda L has the sea floor all cut out and tacked together for her Underwater Window and will next work on the upper sections.   Very soon you'll see this pattern unfold so you can  see the entire scope of this beautiful underwater scene.

Martha got the beveled border attached to her Lighthouse Window which leaves her with just one more border to go.  She's going to be out for a few weeks but I'm sure that she'll get that last border attached upon her return and even begin soldering it as well.

Mary Grace has officially finished soldering the second side of her Iris Window which means that the only thing left to do on this is to wash, color, and wax it.  That also means that this will be a completed project next week without a doubt.

Melissa was sure that she was going to go with a green border for her Sacred Hearts Window until she saw this mixture of red and amber glass.   I have to say that it ties everything together perfectly and I love how she was able to just let the green idea go when she saw something that worked out even better for the window.  The end is near on this one!

Myrt's Cardinals are now completely cut and ground so the next thing that she'll do is wrap and then tack them together so she can trace around them to complete the pattern that we drew up around this pair of Cardinals. 

Barbara now has her two Kaleidoscope planes all colored and awaiting their landing gear and color wheels.  She's taken her pieces for the color wheels home with her to wrap so these may very well be flying out the door when she returns next week.

Lastly we look at the glass pieces that will make two Kaleidoscope Planes for Rowena.   If you look at the picture of Barbara's Planes above and Rowena's pieces below you can sort of see how the pieces form together to make a plane.   Rowena has also taken her pieces home to wrap which means that assembling them will begin upon her return.

And once again that wraps things up here in the shop.  This is the third week of July signing out!

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