Tuesday, September 27, 2022

It's REALLY nice...For A Dump

Judy's Winnie The Pooh was completed with little time to spare and he looks fantastic.  She used black patina on the lead to give it that 'cartoon' feel and the face was drawn on Pooh Bear with paint.  That is one content looking bear!

Martha's Wedding Box is going to make the bride blush because it turned out beautiful.  These boxes are always the hit of the wedding and Martha's shows why that is the case!
Barbara wanted to make a stained glass window of the cabin that they stay at from time to time and this is an excellent rendition of the building.  She did a great job on this working almost completely on her own while at home.
Van Gogh glass has always confused me.   It's stunning on the front side but the back is just black paint over glue chip glass. That means that from the rear it's simply black glass while the front doesn't light up at all.  It's mainly used for mosaics where the back is unseen but I've seen it used in regular stained glass in various pieces online.  Lisa found an EXCELLENT use for Van Gogh glass by turning a 12 x 12 sheet of it into a 5 x 5 box that is to die for!  See for yourself. (And it was made in just over an hour.)
Check out this Frog!  Susan R used the perfect glass for her Frog Lawn Ornament that comes complete with a 3 dimensional front leg that reaches out from the rest of his body.  Her perfect craftsmanship is just the icing on the cake for this piece.
Ann's Wrought Iron Cross  design was put together using a unique blend of Yellow/black glass along with some black accent pieces.  The combination is perfect and the end result is inspirational.

Susan D has been working like a mad woman at home churning out these incredibly cute mixed media stained glass pieces.  She filled her ceramic vase with glass glob flowers on wire stems, and her cloth pumpkins come adorned with assorted Halloween glass figures!
Lisa also put together 6 or 8 of these teardrop suncatcher which feature a drop of iridized glass in the center along with a double swirled hanger on the top.    When it comes to shows you want a lot of small items, not a lot of large items because the small things sell MUCH faster.

Ann is working on a Mary and Child Suncatcher that we have yet to see made yet.   Her choice of glass is stunning but she's decided to change the halo that she traced out because the glass she originally picked is twice as thick as normal glass and very difficult to get small curves cut into it.  We'll see what her new choice is when she returns.

Cindy's got two different pumpkins under construction and both of these patterns have always been good sellers for me.  You just can't go wrong with stained glass pumpkins at Halloween.
Check out all of those tiny pieces that Linda's Birds On A Wire is made from.   More than anything else it's the beaks, the feet and especially the eyes that make this pattern so difficult to make.  But as you can see, Linda is working piece by piece and everything about this looks like it's perfection.

Jan is in the grinding phase for her 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' window.   She's grinding from the bottom up and she has the lower angel fitting together wonderfully already.

Here we have the three Reindeer that Linda L is working on.  Alas, I just noticed that we have no eye openings so we'll fix that when Linda comes back in.  She may have been under the impression that we would paint those on but it will be FAR better to cut them into place since we can do it without adding any extra lead lines.  
Sheri's Sunflower window was tacked together and then she got her oval border cut and ground into shape.   It's especially important for the border to fit together perfectly because as an oval there will be no channel around the outside edge to hide any alignment flaws.  This is now ready for solder and I'm sure we will see this completed upon Sheri's return.

Annette is making even more 3D butterflies and now has ten wings soldered and  ready to be joined together to form five complete Butterflies. I don't think she's making another mobile but I could be wrong on this...
Cheryl has ground the bottom third of her Cardinal Window and it's really fitting together nicely.   At this rate it won't be long until she's ready start foiling all of her pieces and get a border cut out.
Let got two borders attached to her Geometric Window and she even has the front side soldered already.  That means that she'll be starting another window next week  as this will be completed with plenty of time to spare during her next class.

Melissa is making an Emergency Birdhouse!   Her Street Number sign is taking a back seat to this housing project which she may be making more than one of.  There's apparently a homeless bird situation  around her yard and she's determined to fix the problem pronto!

June has her sewing machine all ground and will begin working on her background glass when we next see her.   Actually there aren't that many pieces left to go (maybe 11 or so)  and then June will be able to get her entire window tacked together.
After completing her Wedding Box Martha resumed work on her Grinch Window.   This is coming together rather quickly now and I don't think it will be much longer before she tacks this together and adds a border to finish it off.

Susan D has another Bee, another Dragonfly Spoon, and a Starcatcher #3 cut out as well.   The Starcatcher is an advanced pattern which requires precision cutting of some seriously thin pieces of glass.  Susan not only cut them but ground them as well.   The toughest part of making Geometric Patterns is keeping them symmetrical but if you look closely you'll see that Susan achieved symmetry with relative ease.
Mary has another Angel Wing Heart started but she disassembled it before I could get a picture of it.  You can easily see the pieces that she's already ground in the zip lock bag to the lower left of the pattern.

Kerry's Umbrella Lady got her rain background cut out and now he's ready to tack her together.  He's found the perfect border glass for this and will be adding that to his window when he returns next week.
It's been tacked together and MiMi has filled in all of the gaps leaving behind a window that looks better now that there are no visible holes throughout it.   Next the owner has to decide on what she wants done for border(s).  We all believe that solid red is too much for this window so MiMi has assembled a few different color combinations and sent pictures of then to the owner.   We'll reveal the winner next week!

And to wrap things up here we have Shawn's Hera Flag.  The top panel has now been ground and I'm thinking that it will be tacked together next week.  The bottom third is the easiest to do so it won't be long now.

 And there you have it.

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