Monday, January 19, 2009

Cutting Up

As always we'll start with a few finished projects this week. We'll start with Janice's 2nd window in a series of three. And the amazing part will be when you see how far along she'd gotten on the 3rd one already!

Denise took a little time off from classes but she's back and in full force. Here's an LSU window that she made at home. She wasn't sure about adding another color into the mix so she finished it off with a beveled border which suits this just fine. And check out the fancy hangers she made.
Denise also made some ribbon angels but my picture didn't turn out too well. I'm using a new camera and wasn't sure about the camera's focal distance. After blurring this angel I now know when to turn on the Marco...

Grace made incredible progress with her Angel window. She's added the sky, the clouds and the angle's dress (and a sun and horn as well!). All she needs now is some hair and a face before she gets to the borders.

Jane had picked up her pattern late last week and traced it out while she was at home. Her glass arrived on Friday and she got all of the background traced out and cut before she took everything home with her to grind there. We'll see her cutting the blue sections next week and this 3 x 3 window will be nearly complete!

Well, we started this post with Janice's finished window and we're going to end it with another window that she worked on this week. With most of the background cut, ground and tacked into place we'll be seeing this one finished soon. We have the pattern for her next three windows all drawn out so we'll be revealing that one in2 or 3 weeks.

Check back later in the week for another update!

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