Friday, January 23, 2009

No One Believes My Jeans Are Shrinking...

We have quite a few finished projects this week. We'll start right off with Cheryl's Cross window. It's about 12 inches tall which means that all those pieces (especially the leaves) are fairly small. She'll be working on a Peacock of much larger proportions next week and I suspect she's going to like working on that project as much as she enjoyed working on the Hot Air Balloon Window she made last summer.

Next we have 2 Butterfly suncatchers that Jane made with scrap glass she had considered throwing out. She liked this pattern and decided to use the glass rather than waste it. Although the patterns are similar the Butterflies wings are very different. Jane made these at home during the week and as always has done a great job.

Jane also put together this beveled cross suncatcher while she was home. The clear glass used to trace out the bevels is an iridized glass which really makes this sparkle.

So what did Jane do during class this week? Well, she got the rest of her glass cut and ground for the large window she's working on. She's taken the glass home to wrap so I suspect this window will be all tacked together next week.

Janice has just 4 pieces to go and this window will be all cut. She's taken it home to get some soldering done before she comes back to class next week when we'll fill in the 4 corners and then finish this window off with some channel.
And we can't forget Lea's work this week. She has one of these cabinet door inserts finished and the other is ready to be tacked together and soldered. This will finish off one side of her kitchen so she's halfway there! I believe she said that she'll be working on some larger doors next so expect to see some full sized doors in the nesr future.

Rumor has it that we'll be seeing Gerald next week. It's been a while since Gerald has been around to keep us laughing so we're looking forward to next Tuesday.

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