Friday, August 14, 2009

Cheryl's Fat Kitty

We have a lot of finished projects this week so let's jump on in.

Janice has another of her windows under her belt. With only one more of this design to go she'll soon be able to say farewell to this pattern forever. :-) She's almost finished with the next one since she has all but the background and border all cut out, ground and wrapped.

Fran finished her large Mardi Gras Mask and decorated it with 2 strings of beads. The darker iridescent black beads got lost against the mask but when she alternated them with silver beads they stood out just fine. Here's the first of 2 masks that Fran completed Wednesday.

This is the other mask Fran finished. It may look familiar because it was actually done a while back but we discovered a design flaw that made it come apart. There was a straight line along the star portion of the left eye which folded in half. We were able to rewrap a few pieces and add a wire along the eye hole which made it nice and sturdy. This one will stay together forever now.

I promised you a butterfly in out last post and here it is. Julie did wonderfully and went with Spectrum red granite back wings, a yellow antique body and a yellow cats eye glob for the head. I think we're going to be seeing some great things from Julie in the near future. We still don't have a pattern for what she'll be making next week but she still has plenty of time to decide on what she'll be making.

I finished this window which we call Volker's Window to replace a different window that was sold at the Farmer's Market last week. The window was named after the the customer we originally made it for to avoid any confusion with the numerous other flower windows that we've made over the year.
Here's the cat window in a window that I talked about in the last post. I didn't care much for the cat in the pattern that Cheryl showed me so I changed it a bit. Now she says that it's a fat cat but that she likes it. I didn't think it was fat at all, just well loved by its owner. :-) The cat itself is all cut out and ground-- Cheryl packed it up so she could wrap it at home before I managed to snap my picture. Look for more progress on this one next week.

Grace has her window spot tacked so she's moving right along as well. She's considering putting this in the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival's art exhibit. I'll bet money that if she does it will win an award. This is one impressive window!

Jane has begun working on her version of the Peacock window. She's doing the actual peacock that I made a few weeks ago because it shorter than the one that Cheryl did. But she's not going to do the fancy border that I did. She likes the original one that Cheryl made and I have to agree with her. All that deep blue surrounding the peacock really gave it a lot of contrast which catches your eye.These are the teal peacock feathers that Jane cut out this week which you don't see in the picture above. Jane had a very productive week. :-)

And last but certainly not least we have a look at Gerald's Front door oval. The front is completely soldered now so this is going be completed within 2 weeks. A window this size isn't easy to wash so I'm expecting it to take a few hours just to color it and get it waxed. If he gets this all soldered next week he'll be making great time on this window.

And that's what happened here in the shop during classes. It's good to see everyone coming back in and catching up with all that's been going on in their lives during the past few hectic weeks.

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