Thursday, August 13, 2009

Progressing with Projects

Cheryl's Wedding Box is completed and looking better than ever. I took 6 pictures of it but none of them caught the color of the iridescent border glass that she used. Trust me when I say that this looked even better in person. Cheryl's next project will be a window involving a cat and a stained glass window. It will all make more sense when you see it. :-)

Grace has her entire window wrapped. I don't have a picture of it all wrapped so look at this small section that IS wrapped. (whoops!) She'll begin tacking her window together during her next class. I think she'll be happy to be doing something different for a change!

Jane made great progress on this window while she was at home. She had actually started it 2 weeks earlier but ran out the door with the pieces all boxed up before I managed to get a picture of it. Jane's quick with picking up her projects but I always end up with a finished picture. This one should be completed next week.

Janice has the front side of her window all solder and the back side is 3/4's of the way finished. One more of these to go (which is all cut save for the background) and she'll be able to sit back and enjoy looking at them! We had a slight problem with Gerald's window when we slid it around on the table. One of his pieces of water hit the floor and broke. Since we didn't have another piece of blue baroque in the shop we fixed it by lowering the water on the rest of the pieces. Then Gerald proceeded to cut the background for this window. By the end of the class he was all cut and ground. This window is almost ready for solder now!

We'll have a new student (Julie) coming in for our next set of classes so expect to see a butterfly in the next post. Julie plans on working her way up to a peacock window and judging by her enthusiasm I'm betting she's going to do it soon enough!

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