Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lions, Giraffes and Elephants (Oh My!)

Classes are picking back up as you can see by the number of projects we have this week. There's been a steady rain each day here in the bayou and it seems to have brought some students back into the fold. :-)

Jane completed her Jungle Scene Window and there's no mistaking any of the animals in it. It's yet another job well done by Jane. All it needed was to be colored so this wasn't all she worked on this week. Keep reading to see what else she's been doing at home.

Gerald had a quick project he needed to take care of this week. The clear plastic in his kitchen light fixture had turned milky with age and was no longer lighting the room very brightly. Although we didn't have any clear, textured glass big enough to replace it in one piece Gerald was able to join some textured glass and make it work nonetheless.

Julie is our newest student and tonight was her first real stab at making a window. It's a big one (41" x 24") but a great pattern to start with. She managed to pick out all her colors and then cut out a good portion of her window and then grind it. The center rose isn't ground but Julie has taken the rest of the pieces you see below {click on the picture for a larger view} home with her to wrap during the week. Next week the rose will be ground and she'll probably have the ribbons and laurel wreath sections cut as well.

Gerald finished his light fixture Wednesday night and resumed working on his front door Iris window. The back side is almost completely soldered and I suspect that next week we'll see this piece completed. I can't wait to see it in the door.

Cheryl's Kitten is looking slimmer to me this week-- maybe because it's all ground and wrapped. She only has a handful of pieces left to go before she finishes this window. I have no clue what she plans on making next but it's getting to the point where she should start considering it!

Grace has flat soldered the front of her window and then removed the boards that kept the window square so she could add the first of 2 borders that will finish off this panel. She went with a nice deep blue for the first border and will go back to a smoke gray for the last border. She'll begin soldering this next week for sure!

Janice started working on her last window (of this design) for the 2nd floor of her house. When she came in she had nothing to show but 4 bags of pieces. She discovered that one of the bags wasn't wrapped yet which should have slowed her down but it didn't. After wrapping them she tacked the centerpiece together and then ground the red round/oval accent pieces. The bottom half of her background was cut ground and wrapped as well and then Janice called it a night (whew!). This one is moving fast, just the way she likes it. :-)

And in the end we have Jane who cut the body, neck, head and leaves for her peacock panel after her Jungle Window was completed. She's been working on this one while at home (as she usually does) and I'm amazed at how fast she's going through this progress. But it really helps when it's something that you really want to make as is the case with this.

There's more coming next week as we have several projects very near completion. Stop by and check things out again in 7 days-- you never know what will turn up next.

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