Friday, August 28, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Christine was back with us this week and she showed up with 3 completed magic wands. During class she made 3 different matching stands. She said she enjoys making them and I have to say that I understand that completely. Although they may not be very practical, they are a great project because you make it up as you go along. It's very creative.

Jane is working on the border of her Peacock window now so this should be finished soon. Jane flew through this window and it's looking great!

Jane has 2 irons in the fire this week as she is also working on this Fleur De Lis window. She only needs to cut 6 pieces of background glass and this will be ready. Something tells me we'll see it completed before she arrives for her next class.

Julie is moving along wonderfully with her first window. This is her second week on it and she's all set to start working on the background next week.

Janice is about to wrap up this window. It won't be ready this coming week but it will certainly be finished the following week. After she adds the final border and the 4 triangle corners this will be ready to be soldered. They say practice makes perfect and this proves it!

Grace has it all together now. The only thing left to do is solder this and decide on the 8 small accent pieces. It's been a long haul for Grace but the payoff is right around the corner now. And the experience she's gained making such a large window is invaluable.

Gerald's window is ready to be washed, colored, waxed and installed. That won't even take half of a class to do. (Besides, I said I'd do it for Gerald since it will be easier to do outside with the hose during daylight!) Look for the finished picture of this one in our next blog entry.

Does this look like a fat cat to you? I don't think so but it seems to be getting a bad rep during class. We're leaning towards NOT putting a border on this but we'll see what happens next week when it's all tacked.

Th-th-th-that's all folks!

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